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Level locations

Submitted: 10 years ago (07.31.2009) | Views: 19,193

General Leveling Tips

- Make use of Dispatchers! They are in almost every city and offer many types of quests for players to do

- Remember Daily Events, press the ‘k’ key while in-game and see
which quests you qualify for, they offer great experience and items

- Make use of the Meditate, Dreaming and Invigorate abilities

Location 1: Sunstream (Levels 0 to 15)

Sunstream is where all players start their journey. You will get your first set of armor and weapon here as well as your very first esper and pet! Once you obtain level 15, Tanis Ka will guide you to select a Faction.

Levels 1 to 4

Talk with Tanis Ka and he will guide you to obtain your first set of gear and weapon. Become familiar with the game by doing quests that require you to kill boars and butterflies.

Levels 4 to 7

You will face quests to kill Wild Wolves and other types of mobs, but this is a great time to visit Dispatcher Nere and see which quests he can offer you. Don’t forget to get your Esper and Pet during these levels!

Levels 7 to 10

You will be facing mob types such as Brigand Bumpkins, Agitated
Bandits and Blossoming Temptresses. Check south of Sunstream for these
mob types and Wuhu Post. Dispatcher Nere has some good reward quests
for you too.

Levels 10 to 15

You will face off against Zaaras Disciples near the Zaaras Platform and visit Grasstemple which has Wandering Wraiths and Moaning Harpies roaming around.

Also looking for mob killing quests from Dispatcher Nere, they will help you level quickly. Once you hit level 15 Tanis Ka will guide you to join a faction!

Below are the remaining areas you will explore and their associated level ranges.

     Location 2: Jadeon (Levels 15 to 30)
     Location 3: Skysong (Levels 30 to 45)
     Location 4: The Billows (Levels 45 to 60)
     Location 5: Doom Bog (Levels 60 to 75)
     Location 6: Wild Lands (Levels 75 to 90)
     Location 7: Incense Valley (Levels 90 to 105)
     Location 8: Southern Border (Levels 105 to 120)
     Location 9: Kunlun Mountains (Levels 120 to 135)
     Location 10: Shura (Levels 135 to 150)

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