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Millions Of Noah In An Hour Or Less.

Submitted: 11 years ago (08.30.2008) | Thanks: 1 | Views: 13,023

Ok, in Folk Village there is a quest you get around level 30, I think its 33.
Anyway, what I did to get rich was keep myself at this level, and there is a repeatable quest that wants you to kill 20 of those smaller bulcans, just next to the town. (not seilans, the other ones) If you sign up for this quest, and stay at around the same experience and level, you can redo this quest multiple times, it doesn't take long to kill 20. And if you have a friend helping you, you can both kill 10 in a party, and run back for the quest, all in 5 minutes or less, the reason you get so much money from this quest, is one of the 4 quest rewards sells for over 100k at the vendor. (The one on the top, two handed sword) So do this, for about an hour and well, 60/5 = 12 X 100,000 = 1.2 million.

Now, if you get 3 or 4 people (Suggested you get up to 4, the spawn isn't THAT big.) You can kill a loooot of these and redo the quest many times, almost to the point where the only thing stopping you from doing this instantly is the minute walk between quest giver and spawn. Which basically means you, ALONE JUST YOU, NOT COUNTING THE OTHER 3-4 PEOPLE HELPING, can get 5 million an hour without worrying about whether or not someone will buy your items while merchanting. You can do this very early on in the game too, so I suggest it for pretty much the best money making method i've ever used. - Just be careful not to overlevel yourself, I ended up killing myself a few times just so I could stay and be rich =) I think in the end I got around 30-40 mil off this quest alone, and I made another few mil off the items I got off the monsters.

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