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Making Money

Submitted: 11 years ago (08.30.2008) | Thanks: 1 | Views: 22,710


Making money is the age old question: Honestly there is no fast way to make lots of money. sadly enough a lot of hte people that all of a sudden come up with millions of gold almost overnight probably duped. Although there are a lot of ways to maek lots of money here I will tell you all of the ways that i know of and what I do to make money.

From the least to the best ways to make money.


Low levels - 45:

1.) Farm Goblins: This is ok becuase you can get 30k goblin pieces, I'd recommend aoeing goblins and having somone loot (priest would be nice bc they can buff and heal you if you can't insta kill them) its good for lower levels. At higher levels you can farm goblin bouncers in hell abyss lvl 11 I believe.

2.) Kill mastodons or whatever they are called in cz you can sell the blood they give for lots of money

Any level:

2.5.) the 20th floor of abyss has cheap Scrolls you can go there and buy as many as you can and merchant them for 200-300k more. They sell fast. NOTE: to get to the lowest floor have someone merchant 1 key at a time so that you can get down. and not have to kill fallen angels lol which woudln't be good.

3.) Farm abyss gems: everyone considers this the best way to make money well I dont' believe it is but it is an easy way to make some money. Best way is to just make another character level 33 aoe mage unless you already are a mage. Using an autolooter is really popular with this you can aoe worms and get like 5-7 an hour or so considering the massive amounts of ks that goes on at worms. The best idea though is to do black widows w/ a nova mage and voker. (IF premium and a higher level i would just trade them in)

Higher levels:

3.) Boss run: if you boss run 2 times a day assuming you can take the boss solo or w/ 1 other person not an entire party you can make some good money selling hte rares.
- who can do this:
- Debuff battle priest can solo a lot of bosses
- Level 60 warrior and healer (debuff works too)
- Assassin/archer and healer (Debuff works too)
- You should be able to take all of hte weaker bosses (DT, Hyde, Attila, Lupus, Lycoan, Blood Don, Javana, Leseth, Antares, Lobo)

4.) PK in cz
- this isn't the best way to get money BUT you can just run the bowl killing riotes/Atross the bosses in the bowl and pk you can get some good drops usually a lot of blessed scrolls and sell them

5.) Farm:
- Cardinals in CZ: for scrolls and blast scroll
- Level 40s can do it just be careful u don't get raided.
- Golems - level 54+ warrior, lvl 55+ assassin, archer, ice mage for chitin/viper staff and sell
- Dark Mares - Party of mages/rogue/healer for Shell armour, Raptor, gold bars
- 2 man party debuff/heal, level 62+ warrior with Shell armour and 300 ac buff and 1500 hp buff (CZ gives better drops)
- Fallen angels - Shell armour, Silver bars, +9 Jewlery, Abyss gems
- 2 man party debuff/heal level 60+ warrior,assassin, archer
- Falcons - Shell armour - 2 man party debuff/heal level 60+ warrior,assassin, archer
- Troll captains,serkers - Shell armour
- Mage party and rouge
- Level 62+ warrior with shell and debuffer/heal
- Ghost warriors/Burning skeletons in abyss for +9 jewlery
- Lamia, lamiros, lamantation: - Kekury dagger, and ironXbow
- Voker, Mages, Priest, swifter (CZ better drops)
- Level 45+ Warrior, sin, archer (SLIDE), Battle priest too

Kill High level bosses w/ your clan:
- Talos and HQ: 1 tanker (1000+ Def and 3000 + HPS at the minimum), Priest to cure and mages
- Troll King: Mages, priest
- Samma: Melees, priest, mages can help hes not that hard
- Deruvish founder: Melees, priest

Advanced ways to make money:

1.) Spot deals in moradon and buy them and re-sell a good thing which i personally do is i have 2 accounts my second account is merely a merchanting account hes my money man and every 2 hours or so i will make a sweep with him around moradon to spot good deals i can turn over and sell for more. Then I merchatn him for 2 hours then re-do it.

2.) Buy +1 items and upgrade and sell for more, make sure you know how to upgrade cheaply. usually just getting to +6 is ideal +6/10 for armours and +6/60 for weapons and merchant. Theres a guide which tells you a good price for the item its a webpage and it calculates the best way to upgrade base don percentages and tells you how much the item is worth at that level for the MYKO servers i believe anyways the link is on their forums somewhere its stickied shouldn't be hard to find. I think upder calculator tab in the forum.

3.) Win CSW and control the castle

IF you have a lot of real life money:
- Power-up store and merchant the items

Mean ways to make money:

1.) Scam people

4.) Dupe - its the way most people are so rich believe it or not.

Some things on money and items:

What things do you really need money for???

Well in my honest opinion I feel that everyone should be able to finance their own equiping up to the chitin level. BP and MP mages have it easy but for warriors/ rogues using chitin it should be your responsiblity to armour yourself and get half decnet accessories like +7 jewlery.

You should be able to get all that on your own. For warriors/rogues you can solo golems in cz pretty easily and fast and get your own chitin, I showed above how with a debuffer you can get some of your shell armour on your own.
It all really falls on your own skill how much you can armour/equip yourself. As you play longer you will learn how to do this better so you don't have to ask your clan for to much help.

Clan Responsiblities:

In my opinion a clan should help out its memebers with Raptors, shards, Shell armour, Unique accessories, reskills especially if hte clan asks them to becuase they need that class, Master quest. NOTE: If your in a clan and they aren't helping you before you go blaming them for being a ****ty clan ask yourself are you boss running enough and helping them out telling them when bosses are on, are you helping them farm rares enough?? If your not helping out your clan how can you expect them to help you. Also, clans will probably give more stuff to their higher levels and older members. Try not to ask for anything until you are level 60 you really don't need anything good until you start to Pk in my opinion, Warriors can get by with just chitin for voking and goblin armour for apos and its not like you need full shell to voke harpies I can do falcons/cw/raven/harpy with just regular chitin and probably even full plate.

NOTE: IF you are new to a CLAN NEVER ASK for items thats really disrepectful and noobish. AT LEAST wait a few weeks before you start asking for items or money. and make sure that you are pking clans will be more receptive to you if they know that you are runnign cz or at least making an attempt to pk. It really comes down to your equipment and strength in the end for warriros for example (my main class) all you do is go out there and spam sword dance its not really complex it comes down to your AP if you only have 1500 AP and a glave dont' expect to much compared to if your clan helped you out and you had 1900 - 2000 AP w/ a raptor and good accessories and STR + shell. Explain that to your clan leader although he should understnad that. They will make the investment if they think that you are worth it to help you get the best equipment. If they still refuse to help you out leave the clan if you are helping them out by doing bosses when they ask, showing up for CSW and running CZ regularly and helping them xp when they need party members they have no reason to not help you out if they aren't helping you leave the clan I dont' care how good they are.

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