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by marquinhorj marquinhorj
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Lineage ][ - w00t - Real PvP Server

Gracia Epilogue x1000 max level 99 | Submitted: 9 years ago (07.15.2010) | Views: 4,101

<div>Server Rates
-Xp Rate x 1000
-Sp Rate x 1000
-Instant lvl 85
-Adena Drop x2000
-Party XP x2
-Party SP x2
-Drop Items x1
-Karma to Drop min 6
-Drop Rate Item,Weap,Equip - 60%,60%,60%

-Augmentation Mid LS Skill Chance = 50%
-Augmentation High LS Skill Chance = 60%
-Augmentation Top LS Skill Chance = 90%

Safe enchant +5
Max enchant +30
Normal scroll chance - 60 %
Blessed scroll chance - 85%  (on vote events 100%)
Attribute stone chance - 50 %

Server Features
Custom Item Stats
-Tatto Of Avadon = Mage Tatto (custom stats)
-Tatto 0f Absolute = Fighter Tatto (custom stats)
(other tattos dont give any kind of stats just p.def)

-Custom NPC for clan/ally system
-Clan level max 11
-Clan eggs into GM shop
-Territory War System
-All Castle/Fortress Working
-Clan Penalty 1 day
-Ally Penalty 1 day
-Max clan in Ally = 3
-Members in clan for war =15
-Custom Rep Point System

Custom Features
-Instant level 85
-Max Level 99 (exp rate is custom)
-Exp from PvP & Custom Mobs
-Team Vs. Team (TVT) event
-Capture the Base Event
-Last Hero Event
-Hide & Seek Event
-Daily Gm Events
-New character start with 400kk adena
-Max Subclasses = 3 ,max level of subclass = 85
-PvP/Pk message into chat box
-Every PvP give 1 Event Medal - u can trade them in Event Shop NPC
-Every Pvp give Exp and much more
-Max Runspeed = 350
-Max A.speed = 1500
-Max C.speed = 2000
-Max Evasion = 200
-Normal character inventory slots = 120 ,Dwarf = 180
-PvP zone = Gludin Village (with random respawn)
-Unstuck command = 20 sec

-PvP color system 50,100,150,300,500,700,1000,1500,2000,5000

-Nobless Npc In Giran = nobles without porting etc etc its instant 

-Gold Dragon = Special Coin that make u Hero till u relog
-Olympiad 100 % working (soon only at retail items)

-All skills work on 99 %
-Forgotten Scrolls auto learn (only 6 are in shop)

Custom NPC - they look like characters in-game with hero glow etc.. etc.. 
-Gm Shop
-Dyes Shop
-Event Shop
-Atrtribute Shop
-Giant Codex Shop
-Global Gatekeeper
-Warehouse keeper
-Vote npc
-Ultimate Buffer
-Class Changer
-Clan/Ally Manager
-Nobless Manager
-Wedding Manager
-Crazy Pk Killer

Server Protections
-l2 Wallker Protection
-All flood protections
-Spawn Protection = 40sec
-Bad Word Protection
-Olympiad Protection
-TvT Event Protection
-PvP farming Protection
-Dualbox Protection
-Buff delay protection

-Low Rate Farming zone
This farming zone is created for newbie characters and is based deeper in Gracia Area.
Its speacial made for ppl that just started, it drop special currency named "Blue Eva" quantity of drop is not big but is good for new start!
The zone is guarded by Shisho Bakshisho - Custom made PK defender.
-Mobs have drop between 1-5 Blue Eva ,1-3kk adena on 100 % and 5% chance for Gliter Event Medal(more info about it u can find in giran by clicking in Event Shop NPC.

-Mid Rate Farming zone
You cant go there with newbie gear ... u need farm a bit coz the mobs there are stronger then newbie farming area. Mobs are stronger so u will get more reward for killing it .. the zone is in Underground Coliseum and have 5 diffrent rooms with mobs! The Zone is PvP/Pk so is guards are not puted there.
-Mobs Drop Blue Eva between 10-30 ,Adena 40-110kk and 10% chance for Gliter Event Medal

-High Rate Farming zone called: ultimate farming zone
And the last farming zone is rly hard and made only for good geared ppl ... mobs are rly strong and its rly hard to be killed alone (u need be rly good geared) the zone is in Antharas Lair Entrance. It have 5 type of mobs there every one with diffrent drop rate of Blue Eva ,Adena and Event Medals ... i will keep the drop quanity for me  i can garant u will not be disappointed! Also there have 2 Special Mobs they look like Raid Boss .. with good drop sry but again i will keep the drop for me 

-Raid bosses
1 Custom Raidboss that drop only Boss jews, baium ,zaken etc. etc... respawn on 10 min and drop from 3to 10 randomly 
3 custom raidbosses hard for kill but rly nice drop 
u can go there only by Custom gk teleport

and much more features...

Website : http://l2woot.comeze.com/
Forum http://l2w00t.roflforum.net/

updates u can find at change log.</div><div>

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