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by Czar_Redwall Czar_Redwall
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How To Solo A Raid

Submitted: 11 years ago (08.19.2009)

First off you need at least 2k destiny points to start off with, and
make sure both South Tol Ascaren Bridge, and Tol Ascaren is on the
Creeps Side.

Alright. log into Monster play after logging into your account, and make an Uruk Black Arrow.

you'll need to start earning some destiny points if you havnt got 2k already.

If you have, speak to the Monster Player Trainer, and buy all of your 500 dp passives.
next bit is a little long, you need to run all the way to the Orc Camp
just west of West Tol Ascaren Bridge. After you get there grab the
quest from Soldier Paashum and run to STAB(South Tol Ascaren Bridge)
once there walk to the end of the bridge and pick off the closest
scout. once they are dead move into the trees to your left, so you are
in front of the gate to Elf Camp. Wait for the tracker that will patrol
just outside the gate to move inside. dont try to attack them or the
sentries atop the Paliside will attack you. Once the tracker has gone
inside away from your view run just several steps away from the gate
running near the left Sentry, get close enough so they cant attack you
and become confused, you should see General An between some thing like

Note: your health pot may be useful when under 1k Morale, so i would quickslot it.
health pot, i mean the two bottles of Bubbling Liquid in your first
bag. Click and drag the Green one into the slot next to your melee
attack. and click on it when you get under 1k hp.

-- 0 /
-- /

0 being General An the -- being some sort of wooden thing that might
try to block him, and / the ramp to the sentries, make sure you are in
between view of both of those for a clear shot at General An. Move into
range and hit him with hindering Shot.

As soon as you do this
start running back to the bridge, not a second to spare. As soon as the
Orcs on the bridge see the free peoples, they will attack them. you
will lose credit for all but General An, because you only hit him. When
you get to the bridge start running around in circles, don't stop or An
will hit you. His aggro will drop on you once all his men are dead and
all the Orcs are attacking him. If you haven't already use your pot.
wait until at least 1.1k health to start attacking him. Use ranged
attacks, i used the Fire attack first, then disengaged my auto attack
for 3 seconds so i wouldn't pick up heat, then used hindering shot and
swift bow, so if he took my attention he wouldn't get to me so quickly.
At 20k HP i attacked him with everything, he wasn't going to aggro on
me, but keep on the orc that had hurt him the most.

After that, he died, and you can claim your reward at Orc Camp with Soldier Paashum.

If you cant solo this for any reason, try buying some more health pots, or by bringing a warleader or defiler who can heal you.

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