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Blood Price Quest

Submitted: 12 years ago (08.30.2008)

n Angmar, for The Blood Price quest there are 2 entrances into the fort area in the SW corner of Malenhad. If you use the eastern, or left entrance, there is a exploit that makes it more manageable to pull all 3 of the mobs there and be able to kill them all without dying or running.

Up on the right side of the left entrance, there is a hill up to the outer wall of the fort. If you get up on that hill, stand at the far outside corner of the wall.

There is barely any room to stand there before you fall off back down to the main pathway up. If you stand in the right spot and pull, 2 of the 3 mob will take off all the way through and around coming out the other entrance to the fort while the one will stay there (the bowman) and fire at you.

This may not work for all classes, but this gives me more than enough time to have a trap set off to my right behind me, kill the first bowman, and be ready for the others before they get all the way around outside to me.

When the bowman is pulled first, and the other 2 mobs just sit there with the question marks over their heads. That makes it even easier as you can take out the first mob and never even get attacked by the others

Does this still work?
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