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[EmpireMMORPG]Open 3rd Server 'Relvus'.

Popular and Old Metin2 Private Server | Submitted: 10 years ago (02.18.2011)


This is the first European Metin2 Private Server and now EmpireMMORPG present: R e l v u s !


[CENTER]EmpireMMORPG present:

R e l v u s

We begin by presenting EmpireMMORPG first.
EmpireMMORPG is an open organization for 4 years that is dedicated to the MMORPG, Metin2 with left and right from the start, precisely with the Server, which then followed Cronikal Hero.
EmpireMMORPG offers online games like Metin2, Lineage2 and Aion and all these games have never closed just to explain the safety and logenvità of our Servers.

Staff EmpireMMORPG about three months ago decided to open a new server but other Metin2 Cronikal and Hero, an innovative and Server say that it is more difficult than the other two because they play so hard during the years without losing its beauty.

How is started the project?

The project started at the beginning with the name 'Selenia'and then transformed into Relvus Server to define the "revolutionary". As I said before Relvus was created to offer a game with a new style that makes them fun for the players without the players expare years doing all the time. Our goal is to bring this forward as we did for Server Cronikal Hero and without too much trouble and trying to entertain people!

Relvus opened on 05 / 02 / 2011 with all the characters with privileges Game Master. On 06 / 02 / 2011 opened the final (non-privileged Game Master).

Now for the game . . .



Universal Shop

Shopkeeper (Books)

Arms dealer

Armour dealer




On Relvus the game is very different from Cronikal and Hero of the facts we used the monsters of the Metin2 U.S. and translated into Italian, one by one and kept the values of Yang as the market is because it takes high price for not going to sell an object insignificant at a price too high for the players and this is true for shops that will just lower prices.
As for the EXP has been increased 5 times instead of the Americano therefore become more experience points pretty easily. To start playing, just not enough Relvus expare only after a while that just makes the game boring, but rather do missions, to many will seem silly and boring but no! From the missions give us very high rewards as objects +8 / +9 and Yang and many great EXP. We have also set up missions that will give you special medals in the game you will identify with the "degrees", for example at level 10 will do the first mission which consists of killing 3-Li An, after that you'll get killed "Official Medal" (relating to the character) and that medal then exchanged with that of higher level by another mission and so it goes up to the tasks at more than 100.
The drop we've had to turn down because the current was too high and exaggerated, and many drop non-existent or wrong. Recall also that when drop an object, the object will not disappear as quickly as usual in private, but Server but after 2-3 minutes.
Now I tell you a secret of the Server ... Basically if you want to do from level 1 to 60 in 2-3 Oretta I recommend you hunt missions from level 1 to 60 will give 99% EXP and only me ask you 4 or 2 monsters and you will also receive useful items such as pieces 'equip +7 / +8.

When you are at 60, if you do not have a crew so I think that very good so I recommend you to all missions biologist and the rest of the missions that will give you Item-Shop items and more items +8 / +9 and Yang and many EXP.

Now comes the best part, right here on our server the maximum level is 150 and there is the layer next to the name without any problem, the level of facts there is not even the horses so perfect.

Another new feature of our server will have the opportunity to gain experience and money by killing enemies of the realms opposed to yours. Obviously the more level up the more points you do not, however, you can experience the players are too weak.


Drop: 100%
Yang: 100%
Yang Max: 100%
EXP: 100%


Each asks UP items.
The items below level 45 up to +4 can not fail.


Every weekend special events will be made, here's the list:

Event Hematite: Hematite is possible to drop to enter the Cave of Exile from any monster.

Event Light of the Moon: The chance of finding Chest Light of the Moon from any monster, you can also find him inside Papyri Anointed!

Old Event: The chance of finding any Hexagonal Chest monster.

Valentine's Day Event: Can Rose find any monster.

Event Happiness: Chocolate and candy can be found from any monster.

These events were already activated for 24 hours from now!

OX Race: Saturday's race will be made on OX for Italians and foreigners (if they want).
OX Special Race: Race on Sunday will be made for foreigners and Italians OX (if they want).
At your first login.

At your first login you will receive items very useful, here's screen.

Items Received:

The subject of "Ring of Teleportation" (related to character)
you can not trade them for anyone and you can use it
Village to return to your kingdom.

The message on your first login:

The message that appears at every login:

New Mounts.

Like any self-respecting Server we also love the new Mounts including the Dark and the White Lion but currently not available. New Mounts will be able to receive from the chest of rotten wood, this item can drop it in the Cave of Exile Setaou or by completing the missionby level 82 stall asking you to kill Setaou in 24 hours. Inside the treasure chest of rotten wood you can find one of the four seals.

Obviously, new animals will attack or defense depending on what type are
and attack and make moves like a normal horse, but
horse can be ridden only by owning the Middle or Expert.


How did I mention the horse? Simply because here was improved by adding the object "for Sugar Horse" that will allow you to change the name of the horse and add +20 defense.

Instead, here I show you the status of the infamous horse translated:


Like any good server that you respect we have decided to translate the game 100% in Italian as part of the staff members who were the first to have translated the game 100% Italian. In addition we have added fifty new missions fun and exciting!

Fixed Oldman:

Fixed Guardian Village Square:

Fixed Oldwoman:

Warehouse with store:

Added new function to the Shopkeeper:

Chance to make the average horse and experienced no waiting time for each medal, but after finishing all the missions you have to wait one day to receive the horse.
In the Cave of Exile will be impossible to access it without having completed the level 75 and without completing the missions Hae-Seon which then will give you the blood, which you can use to enter, Hae-Seon will find it in villages near the square. I remind week we will also drop Hematite event free of any monster.

New Items.

And here are two new items were added very useful as a "ring of the Successor, " which will allow you to leave your seat to another guild member Guild.

After this there is also the new "Dye Name" that will allow you to change your name.

You know "Goblet of Prevvidenza? Well we work as officers in the Servers, or to call in mostrarre un'oggeto for example you should have at least one "Goblet of Prevvidenza" but does not require click it, you just use ALT + Left Mouse and will be sent your item. I remind you that the names we do not break!

New Armours.

As in the Italian Metin2 we also have added new armor "Blue Dragon". You can upload these from level 70 armor +9 with "dragon scales"and "Dragon's Claw"which are droppabili the second floor of the Cave of Exile in the room from the crystal-Setaou Beran.

Then there will be new armours without UP
that will be given away in the events:


On our server you can see the layer next to the name in private chat, chat, call, chat group and guild chat!

Every few levels will be written in notice chat:

When a GM will login "[GM]Example is now Online!" so you always have the GM.

When a player kills a boss will appear at the news of the character's name and the place and name of the monster killed, example "Name have released the Dragon Valley by Orc chief" anda lso receive karma points and special items.

Every few hours will appear in the news automessage telling you the site link or else!


On Relvus this time we decided not to take bonuses as high because it happened on Cronikal Hero and all the players are too exaggerated shots then we have kept the base. To make the game more fun we have included bonuses strong races against up to 15% max!

Private Shop.

About 1 year left on Official Servers stores in the shape of the table, now you will be surprised but the other servers have, well yes it is true but they will just click the bundle you become close to the table and you have to open a scroll, this does not happen to us!


Here too, the Guilds have been arranged, for example you will find all grades based guild emblems then translated work (always on the level 4).

The guild also land were all arranged and displayed and all starting at a cost of 40,000,000 Yang.


Even as we are the new maps ... But not the usual but rather maps from Ymir.

We also define 3 new maps for the low levels how to drop weapons at level 30 for example.

Future addons.

- New NPC that will allow you to report hackers / cheatters and possible problems with the game without ever resorting to the help of GM not to stress. Also from this NPC will be able to buy experience for half of the EXP required. (EXP pay if you buy 500,000 250,000 Yang)

- 3 new maps for players level 25, 60 e 85.

- New epics shoes level 61 e and new epics helms level 61 and 80. (Their request sames items of Blue Dragon Armours)

Now for the game client!

And here we have a lot of news! Such as all files encrypted to prevent hackers / cheatters, then we have created a HackShield and made the login to the server only through our Client.

After launching of the AutoPatcher:

This will prevent players initiate programs that affect the game if this happens and the game will automatically close HackShield (will also close if you close the game).

The new changes to the game client.

There are all the textures and other up new on our game client!

Client consists of 3 Servers with 2 Channels:

New Wather:

Grotto of Exille:

Item-Shop Menù:


Foreigners will be able to play but can not speak their language in global chat. If foreigners speak in their language will automatically warn, if your warn is 100% you will banned.

The Staff.

Our staff is composed of all mature people with more than 18 years so do not risk any dispute or in the game! Here is the list:



HomePage: Metin2 | EmpireMMORPG
Registrazione: Metin2 | EmpireMMORPG
Download: Metin2 | EmpireMMORPG (With four different mirrors!)

Or you can use their downloads link:

[*]Mirror 1: Download via Website
[*]Mirror 2: Download via Server
[*]Mirror 3: Download via MegaUpload
[*]Mirror 4: Download via FileServe

The game client then you can just download it and install it.

Just hit the front end and you're done!

The Server has been completely done dall'EmpireTeam.

I remind you that we have a special contract with the Ymir, each type of complaint will be reported to the Italian authorities.

We accept any kind of criticism!
(Prohibited insults!)

Please invite people to populate the game!

Thanks for reading, we want you![/CENTER]

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