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About the Aika Ktz Delay

Posted 10 years ago

It has come to our attention that alot of users are concerned for the Aika Ktz Bot.

Unfortunately the commercialization date came and went without hearing from the developer. The last communication note that we had from him was that he was in trouble and we have heard nothing since.

Hopefully, the Ktz developer will fix his trouble and he will be continuing development of the Aika Ktz bot soon, because it is a popular bot that we are offering on GameXploits!

Although, there is no set date for continuation of development, we remain hopeful that a continuation of a professional service will continue after he has resolved his issues.

Please understand that the developer is Chinese and that semi-defined Chinese law dictates that if you develop AND SELL your developed bot, then it can be considered a criminal act. Although this remains a gray area that the authorities use to their disgression. This means that Chinese bot developers have to be wary of their visibility and often end up contracting companies to handle sales for them.

Many Chinese bot developers, such as L2Superman's developers, have ended up taking operation to Hong Kong, which does not discriminate them.

7th Aug 2020 | Category: Aika by IceCube IceCube | Permalink | Views: 4542