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Aion Mass Bans Another 26,000

Posted 10 years ago

Aion has said in an official statement that they have banned a further 26,000 as part of their Gold Seller and Bot crack down.

Tamat, part of NCSoft's community team, posted the announcement titled 'Aion Mass Ban v3.1.3' on the official Aion Forums.

The majority of bots banned are those using injection. This is the third mass ban over a period of a few months.

A third mass-ban will certainly hurt many Aion bots, but we will see who releases a fool-proof anti-detection patch that proves itself in time.

AionSZ has already released 2-3 patches after the mass-banning.

As outrageous as it may sound - NCsoft have probably moved their focus from DDOSing the sites that they don't like to actually acting on the offenders in game - and just to do this, they hired the 'GSU' team which is now responsible for the mass bans.

9th Jul 2020 | Category: Aion by IceCube IceCube | Permalink | Views: 4663