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AionSZ Security Patch

Posted 10 years ago

AionSZ have released a security patch that 'improves security' and 'increases anti-detection' of the Aion Bot.

SZ v1.38 has been released in patch form, so you must overwrite your AionSZ files with the patch files or auto-update.

Marred by the NCsoft mass bans on bots from their dedicated anti-bot/farmer team, SZ have released several security patches in response.

NCsoft have gone to great lengths to prevent botting in Aion, however it is interesting to think how much money they get in return for the new accounts that people buy after they are banned.

Remember, you can buy AionSZ cards from GameXploits for $17.99 and Full users get a discounted rate.

9th Jul 2020 | Category: Aion by IceCube IceCube | Permalink | Views: 2589