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Guide to RevoBot 3.1

RevoBot3.1 GUIDE not DOWNLOAD | Submitted: 11 years ago (03.15.2009) | Thanks: 32

This is assuming you have revobot 3.1. I will NOT post it, its right in this section posted by IceCube. :]

First of all, extract it to a seperate folder. (From its winrar archive, to download winrar go to Double click PW application (name is just "PW" Without quotes, its a application) and then a box should say "Show me to your element client" Or something like that. Take it to your Perfect World international folder, and go into the subfolder "Element", then simply double click "elementclient" and it should open it in window mode. At bottom, if done correctly, where it shows your open apps, itll say "ntKid[BOT]". Kudos if you have followed so far. Now login to your account etc, etc. Once ingame click Alt-f10 (hold alt, tap f10 then release both) you will notice major lag while this is open. CLOSE It when bot starts. Now, edit settings. there is a little > on the thing you have selected, click Alt -> arrow key to turn it on, and alt <- ak (arrow key) to turn it off. to go up and down on the hacks its as simple as alt ^ ak and alt down ak. Now, Turn off all except unfreezer,wallpatch,makearcher,hp/mp bot (set it to what % you want it to use a pot at) pet heal/feed (same thing) and picktimer, which you set to 2. Follow these keys..

F1/F2 attack skills.(If using combo place it on F2)
F3 secondary weapon incase weapon breakage.
F4 skill to do after u kill a mob.(meditate or skill)
F5 pickup action
F6 combo with buffs (set bufftimer higher for more)
F7 hp pots
F8 mp pots
1 Pet Heal (for venonmancer/werefox)
2 Pet Feed (for venonmancer/werefox)

FOr those using new chars...
IF YOUR BAR FREEZES AND YOU DONT ATTACK MOBS, GETTING A "INvalid Target" ERROR, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE NORM ATT ON F1 and SKILL ON F2! ( This dosen't apply to people using a skill on f1 and a skill on f2, only those trying to JUST use normal attack ).

Now, Turn your Alt-f10 menu off and walk around your training area. When you find a mob you want the bot to kill, Target it then click alt-1 at the same time. You can do this for 5 mobs in a specefic area (Kill 5 diff mobs) For mob 2, alt-2 alt 3, alt 4, and alt 5 for the 2-5 mobs. Once you have all of the settings complete, open the alt-f10 menu, and near the bottom (About 3/4 the way down) have your > over "Bot" now, click alt-> AK twice. (ArrowKey=AK). It should start moving, close the F10 menu, and be happy your done.

For those who want to use a check armor (to bot for longer) in that alt-f10 menu, simply turn on armor check, and put your alternate weapon on F3. Taadahhh! Your done.

Does this still work?
Please login to verify Guide to RevoBot 3.1

Credits for Guide to RevoBot 3.1

Me for the Tut, but Virtual Skills for bot, and IceCube for posting bot. -I figured a majority of it out by myself, but also some from IceCube's download link-