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by feniksobrolija1 feniksobrolija1
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I know a lot of people wonder about it... | Submitted: 9 years ago (08.21.2010) | Thanks: 2 | Views: 6,473

I know a lot of people wonder about merchanting... so I'm going to write
a quick guide on it, as I've been able to make lots of money through

The concept: "Buy low, sell high."

This is about all you will be able to get out of a successful merchant,
since they won't want to give themselves more competition. The reason
I'm writing this is because I'm content to just grind to get the money I
need (plus I pay my sister to grind for me, I pay whatever the current
exchange rate for gold is, not say that I don't buy gold sometimes

1. Tokens, your best friend.

You can buy tokens off of other players relatively cheap and then
convert them to marketable goods through the boutique manager. Teles are
very popular, I've been able to sell hundreds in an hour.

You can use this method with pretty much anything, oracles are another popular option.

Small profit margin, low risk. There is, however, much competition.

2. Auction House

You can search through the filter in the AH but you probably won't find
many good deals (as they'll be taken by other players). The best thing
to do is to search through the most recently posted goods in the AH
(first page you see when you access the AH).

Then just buy these cheap goods and sell them for more.

Does not work as steady income, fairly risky, but potentially large profit margin.

3. Materials (unless you buy and sell mats and dont farm them, then this is farming)

Best way to get materials is to go on TT runs and sell the mat drops
that you get. Some mats sell for A LOT. (This is farming, not

Another way (to get non-TT mats) is to just wander around till you find a
place with lots of mats, eventually you develop a path where you can
"dig" lots of mats. (This is also farming, not merchanting).

Sell mats near their respective NPC.

Also while selling mats, its a good idea to buy some (through you catshop, this is merchanting) at the same time.

4. Dragon Orbs

Buy 1 star orbs and combine them and sell them for more, simple.

5. Shards

People are lazy when it comes to crazy stone. Buy your shards and
combine them for people and sell them for slightly more near their
respective NPC.

6. DQ

Just like mats, if you buy and sell them, then its merchanting. If you
grind them then its farming. Check out for drop info.

7. Pigments:

Buying the random pigment packs (they give you ten for 2 bucks) is also
another viable way to make money. Chances are that if you buy one or two
of these packs you might get one or two white or black pigments, which
will almost pay for the pack itself. After that just sell the pigments
(unless you have any you want to use).

*Note: There is a sale on black and white pigments right now, they are
drastically cheaper than they used to be and because of this you
probably won't make as much money immediately. A good idea is to stock
up on these while they're cheap and sell them when the sale is over.

8. DO NOT GOLD TRADE (or do so at your own risk)

High Risk, Most likely low profit. Only do this if you are a confident
merchant and you have coin that you are willing to lose. The gold market
fluctuates greatly based on the boutique and specials (like packs). For
example when the jones pack was released gold prices went down (just
like everything else) because people were forking over 100k for one pack
(or a bunch of tokens) and this sucked money right out of the game. If
you can predict changes like this and buy gold at the right time, then
you will be able to make a lot of money. On the other hand this is high
risk and I suggest you stay away from it.

- - - - - - - - - - -


Not sure what to write about supply and demand other than that,
basically if the demand is high sell higher, if demand is low sell
lower. If supply is high, sell lower, if supply is low, sell higher.
Otherwise just check out other catshops to see what the going price is.

Location, Location, Location:

You need to find a good place to set up shop (if your using a cat shop
like most merchants, another option is the auction house). Find a place
where MANY people walk by but there aren't many other catshops, or at
least you aren't going to be too close to any other catshops.

Remember, this may seem obvious but always make a profit. -_- I've known
people who don't do the math on the token market and actually end up
losing a couple coins. Yep, fail, I know.

"Buy low, sell high." <--- Can be applied to anything, even real life. :D

Good Luck.

The End.

***Note, this was written by me, all credit goes to me.***

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