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Not Working!
Working 5 years ago
by luphnox luphnox
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PK In The City

Submitted: 11 years ago (09.02.2008) | Thanks: 3 | Views: 12,828

1) Walk out of a city, if you look down the bottem left in your chat window, you will see something like 'leaving secure zone'.

2) Once you know you are out of the 'secure zone', run back into the 'secure zone' (Most towns are secure zones, eg. ADC) Quickly press the 'za-zen recovery' (Default key is F5, makes you sit down, you get HP + MP back faster).

3) Wait a little bit, maybe 10 seconds, it is now activated.

Q + A

Q) Does this really work?
A) Yes

Q) How do i turn this off?
A) You simply leave the 'secure zone' then go back in and it will be off

Q) How does this work
A) I personaly think that when you turn recovery mode on, it forgets to put you into the secure zone, basicly you never go into the secure zone.

Q) What does this even do?
A) This glitch allows you to PK in places you normal cant PK (EG. towns). You can PK anyones pet and kill it (You will get the standard 2 hour punishment!). You can PK NPCs, you will get vigor for this. You cant PK players unless they have turned this glitch on themselves! (If you attack them and they dont have it on, you will cast your spell, everyone will see it being cast but it wont actally hurt them. You still do get vigor for it!)

Q) Can i get banned for using this glitch?
A) Not sure, there are no rules against it but Moderators ban people for all sorts of things so i would be guessing that they might ban people.

Q) I cant get this to work for me!
A) Make sure you are above level 30. Make sure you have PK mode on and sometimes you may need to hold CTR, otherwise leave a message and i will try help.

Q) Can i kill the NPCs in the cities?
A) No you cant, they always resist attacks, they are only good for getting vigor. You can however kill the guards that stand outside cities, they will attack back though!

Q) What do i get if i kill a guard?
A) I have never killed one and i am pretty sure they kill people in one hit, i dont think anyone knows. I got killed by a guard for testing reasons, it hit 250k on my EP with basicly nothing on, lvl 34, 10 con, 35 str, 112 int, my physical defence is only 12!

Q) If i have this glitch on, can i be killed?
A) You can only be killed by other people who have this glitch on.

Q) Can i attack pets with blue names?
A) No, they still have PK protection on.

Q) If i have a red name and i am killed in a city will i lose items?
A) Im not sure if you drop items in secure zones because someone tried to kill me in ADC when i had a red name, i ran and for some reason i went back into the secure zone and i was saved with like 10HP left! I did kill someone who had this glitch on though, it is possible to kill people!

Q) Do you have any other tips about PKing in the cities?
A) Yes, if you are planning to attack NPCs then take all clothes off, i broke my weapon because i did it for so long!

Does this still work?
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