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Advanced Character Model Customization

Submitted: 10 years ago (02.02.2009) | Thanks: 7 | Views: 33,598


Character customization is one of the big attractive features of Perfect World. Learn the more advanced character customization.


In this guide I will talk about:

- How to "export" your models.

- How to customize beyond the limits the client imposes.


Have you ever made a model of a celebrity or game character that really resemble them? Usually people show of there models whit screenshots. But there is a better way to show of your work to your friends, and that is what I'm going to talk about next.

How to save your model? What happens when you save it?

When you are in character customization screen, in the top right corner you will have a menu like this one:

If you click on Save Model, it will save the model of the character you have in that moment. The name of the save model will be your current date and time. It will look something like this:

My save model is 2007_7_29_10_53_49. When saving a model the game client creates a INI file to a specific folder depending of what race, class and sex is you character. This INI has all the information of proportions, hair styles, colors, etc. of your model but we will talk more about this later.

I have save the model of a YuLing Male character and the INI file appear in "Your PerfectWorld Folder"\element\userdata\character\customize\70

"Your PerfectWorld Folder" is the Folder where you installed perfect world.

Note: You can change the INI file name to what ever you want.

If you go to: "Your PerfectWorld Folder"\element\userdata\character\customize
You will see a few folders each one is for a specific kind of character, some of them I don't know what are for. Here a list of what i could find out:


00 - Wu Xia /Male
01 - Wu Xia /Female
10 - Fa Shih /Male
11 - Fa Shih /Female
20 - --------
21 - --------
30 - --------
31 - Yao Ling /Female
40 - Yao Shou /Male
41 - --------
50 - --------
51 - --------
60 - Yumang /Male
61 - Yumang /Female
70 - Yuling /Male
71 - YuLing /Female

If you send the INI file to a friend and he puts it to the right Folder, he will be able to see and edit your model.

As and example put this file Romeo.ini in : "Your PerfectWorld Folder"\element\userdata\character\customize\70
And you will be able to see in YuLing/Male customization screen my Model Romeo.

Advanced Character Model Customization Screenshots

Advanced Character Model Customization

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