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delete | Submitted: 9 years ago (02.23.2011) | Thanks: 4 | Views: 35,027




CryCrack is a tool which can help you recover your account.

In fact, you can recover any account you want - it will try all passwords you tell it to.

This is done by a special file. This file can contain an unlimited
number of passwords, as long as you have enough RAM to load it

I have included some to test, you can find them in the archive.

After telling CryCrack what account to recover, and giving it the
passwords file, it will start connecting to server and trying all
Username/Password combinations there are.

CryCrack connects to the server directly - you do not need to have your
client opnened! Also, there are no offsets or addresses to hastle with -
this garantees that CryCrack will be operational for as long as Perfect
worlds servers are online.

Speaking of perfect world, it currently supports two versions :

PW International, all servers
PW MY-EN, all servers

Additionaly, it can also crack Outsparks Fiesta Online.

Due to the fact that it can directly connect to the server, it can try combinations in a very fast speed.
If you open up several instances of the tool, you can reach speeds of up to 300 tries/sec.
Forget those Autoit macros that tab and enter on login screen!

Now, you have probably asked yourself how much this is going for. Answer is : Its up to you!

CryCrack operates with threads. Every thread you have speeds up the whole process by about 100-150%.

The payment model is preety simple :

10 $ is base for the program.

10$ for every additional thread you want (up to a max of 12 threads).

And since I almost allways offer special offers , ill offer you all 12 threads for 60 $ - you save 10 $.

This may seem like a load of money, which is true. This has two reasons.
First, I dont want noobs cracking other peoples accounts. Second is
that if you have lost an account which is worth several hundred USD (I
know what its like, I lost my level 99 wizard a few months ago [ boohja
Jilles!]), then this will be a very cheap method of recovering it.

If you want to purchase CryCrack, please specify your choice, add your Hardware ID and click "Buy Now".

UPDATE : Updated to work with newest PW versions.

Added wordlist generator and fixed a bug.

Please redownload!

Youtube Video ? Click me!

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