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by vik_schneider vik_schneider
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SmurfIT Multi-Hack

Submitted: 12 years ago (01.15.2009) | Thanks: 22


Perfect Multi-hack with features that include jump hack, fly hack, zoom hack, Multi-client using Renamer, wall hack, and more!


-Multiclient using Renamer,
-KaZpa's Wallhack v1.92,
-EP Remote Control (now with iNurse & iFollow & iBuff),
-iPot (a.k.a AutoPot),
-WF iHealPet (autoheal for pet),
-Char Commander.
*multiclient supports up to 5 window name slots by running the app only once for all of the above features


In English
-First you have to make sure you have all the correct offsets and base address to use most of Smurf IT's features. The best way to get Base Address and HP/MAXHP/MP/MAXMP/TARGET offsets is by using ntKid's MHS Retriever , you can download it from his thread here, follow the instructions and it'll generate a file named Custom_OffSets.ini , copy this file into your Smurf IT's extraction folder and re-run SmurfIT, go to [setting] tab and the [AutoGetOffsets 'n Base] Button will then be available. Click it and SmurfIT will reconfigure itself, but it's not effective anymore since the offsets ranges are now changed because of some server patches. Only offsets from Custom_OffSets.ini mostly work, while for Fly Jump Zoom offsets we have to find them out using CE. That'll be discussed later.

-after that set the window name slots you want to use. Better use names that can be easily distinguished, which char resides in which window name/wintitle so we can react faster for switching controls. Save setting,close SmurfIT and re-run.

-Go back to tab [setting] and click [AutoGet] to each corresponding window names, it'll then write down each char ID you want to use. Now we're done with [Setting] tab, check first screenshot from left below to see how it looks like when done.

In Indonesia
-Untuk masalah offsets dan base address, karena default Smurf IT settingan nya dah untuk PW Indo jadi lgs aja ke setting berikutnya.

-click tab [setting] dan isikan nama window di slot yg tersedia. Disarankan untuk menggunakan nama yg gampang dibedakan, char mana di window apa supaya respon kita lebih cepat untuk gonta ganti pengontrolan char nya. Setelah mengisikan wintitles, klik [sav] dan close SmurfIT terus jalankan lagi.

-kembali ke tab [setting] dan klik [AutoGet] di bagian Char ID untuk semua window slot yg akan digunakan. Selesai sudah untuk bagian tab [Setting]. Cek screenshot pertama dari kiri di bagian bawah untuk melihat kira2nya gimana.


In English
- If you have an ELF PRIEST char and want to use the EPBOT/EPRC feature, now go to [EPRC] tab and input that inputbox for EP WINDOW NAME, it should also be one from your char window name slots you set earlier. As for mine it's named Zelda.

-after that, still at [EPRC] tab, check EP Remote Control Command group and adjust the keys there to those you use in your game to cast each of the skill there. (keep in mind for function key or keyboard key that consists of more than one letter like F2 or for example ENTER , in AutoIT you have to put {} so if using F2 you write it -> {F2} <- or else the script will read it as pressing key 'F' and then '2' , not F2 function key)

-after all set, goto [main] tab and choose a leader there and click [set]
you can now use EPRC feature!

-Now onto EPBOT feature, go to its tab, and tick any window name slots you want your EP to nurse/autoheal or auto give buff.

from the image above,it means EP will nurse Smurfin,Zelda/herself,Link and also Wolfstein if EP detects one of their hp bars is below 80%(you can change the tolerance from SmurfIT.ini)

-you can change the setting here for the healkey for iNurse (again you have to check if your ingame keys match with the keys here or else it won't work), for EP Buff, bind all buff skills into one combo key for example {F5}

now about the timer, there are 2 timers in there, one is in minutes and one is in seconds. The one in minutes is for how long before EP begin to give the next buff to your chars while the one in seconds is the buffing time needed for EP to cast one complete buffs cycle for regen/pdef/mdef/matk. This is necessary so if EP is in buffing state, she will not autoheal, to ensure your char get complete buff and not interrupted by autoheal. So for x seconds set in here your chars are not nursed because EP is in buffing state, we have iPot feature to fill in that gap. Also EP will not buff all chars straight, it has one minute delay before buffing the next char, the reason is so that EP can go back nursing for awhile and will not nursing for only x seconds in each minute untill all chars get complete buff.

-once all set, just go to [main] tab and tick iNurse and or iFollow & iBuff and or iFollow. iFollow means EP will auto follow leader after autoheal or giving buff. iNurse/iBuff should be working now!


hotkeys by default are :
- F10 -> toggle Flyhack
- F11 -> toggle Jumphack
- Alt-F1 to Alt-F5 -> toggle Rapid Keypress (this hotkey is a fixed key now, cannot be customized via ini)
- Numpad keys -> for KaZpa's Wallhack 1.92.
- alt-z -> change max value for char view or 'zoom'
- Ctrl1-Ctrl5-> switch window client to apply hack to which.
- alt-w -> Follow Me (me as in char currently being played)
- alt-b -> remote buffs, or you can set it to any skill you like
- alt-a -> remote heal, or you can set it to any skill you like
- alt-d -> remote regen, or you can set it to any skill you like
- alt-x -> remote Heal Area, or you can set it to any skill you like
- alt-v -> remote Dispel, or you can set it to any skill you like
- alt-F11 -> hotkey for enabling iNurse, while iFollow can only be enabled manually from the interface
- Ctrl-0 -> hotkey to quickly switch to SmurfIT app.
also some others, check them out on the interface.
*you can also check/uncheck the checkboxes on the interface to toggle each one manually.

Run it for the first time will self create an .ini file as shown below :
(and many more, just check your smurfIT.ini because this list is from the older version and not updated)

[Settings] _
Window Name1=Element Client |
Window Name2=Element Client2 -|
Window Name3=Element Client3 -|-> Window Names which this app will work on, Default is Window Name1,
Window Name4=Element Client4 -| use Ctrl-1,Ctrl-2,Ctrl-3,Ctrl-4,Ctrl-5 to switch.
Window Name5=Element Client5 _|
AutoWinActivateIfSwitched=ON -> this will auto activate client window related to Window Name above if ctrl1-ctrl5 is pressed
Base Address=9607148 -> Base Address, by default is PW Indo
Fly Offset=1592 -> Offset for Flyhack, by default is PW Indo
Jump Offset=2836 -> Offset for Jumphack, by default is PW Indo
Zoom Offset=2054 -> Offset for Zoomhack, by default is PW Indo
Target Offset=2596 -> offset for Selected target, by default is PW Indo
Fly Hotkey={F10} -> Hotkey for on/off toggle FlyHack
Jump Hotkey={F11} -> Hotkey for on/off toggle JumpHack
key1=6 -> the key to be sent to a window name of your choice (this can be changed realtime from the interface)
Delay1=50 -> delay between each key press, 1000 is 1 second (this can be changed realtime from the interface)
sendkey_to_this_window=Element Client -> If you use dual/multi client, you might want to send the keypress to another client
(this can be changed realtime from the interface as well)
CommandFollow_to_this_window=Element Client -> window client which the char in this window is going to be controlled remotely
Char ID to be Followed= -> char with this ID will be followed/targetted for buffs or heal
BuffKey={F5} -> ingame key to trigger buff skills (recommended to bind buffs to ingame macro first)
don't forget to use {} if using function keys or other keys which name contained more than 1 letter.
HealKey=6 -> ingame key to trigger heal skill
RegenKey=5 -> ingame key to trigger regen hp skill
HealAreaKey=1 -> ingame key to trigger heal area skill
DispelKey={F2} -> ingame key to trigger dispel skill

EP Window Name=Zelda -> your private Nurse window name ^^
HP Perc Tolerance=80 -> HP bar tolerance to trigger EP to start healing your char
Window Name1 Char ID=0
Window Name2 Char ID=0
Window Name3 Char ID=0 -> all these are Char IDs corresponding to Window Names above. input each one correctly or EP will
Window Name4 Char ID=0 target itself to heal. If these don't match with window names above, your hp drops trigger EP to
Window Name5 Char ID=0 start healing but EP can't target your char ID if you input it wrong so the heal goes to EP.
HP Offset=1104 -> Offset for HP, by default is PW Indo
MaxHP Offset=1152 -> Offset for Max HP, by default is PW Indo
iNurse HealKey=6 -> ingame key to trigger heal skill, I put this instead of using the above HealKey just incase you want to use different key.

Read Readme for Wallhack for more information about Wallhack.

Do not forget to change Base Address and Offsets to adapt it to your PW region.

Running PW client without being renamed using other renamer is possible, this app will ask you to input it manually (Element Client),
you can rename it later using the built-in renamer to match the Window Name1 in ini file or whatever name you want

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SmurfIT Multi-Hack
SmurfIT Multi-Hack
SmurfIT Multi-Hack
SmurfIT Multi-Hack

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