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Working 5 years ago
by blindassain015 blindassain015
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More for Less

Submitted: 9 years ago (07.21.2010) | Thanks: 1 | Views: 12,401


Trick them into thinking they are getting more for less :)

==CAN WORK FOR ANY GAME(Or just about any game)==


~~~This can work for many games, not just Perfect World International, and I no longer do this scam as I dont need to anymore~~~
==Do at your OWN RISK, Suggest not on your main account==

Required Settings, One of the following needed ... :

A Friend that will help you
Multi client
Two computers

First off in the beginning for this to work, you need a item not many people know about, or are uncommonly seen, I even have used Grey Tiger Badges to World Quest items

Mainly, try to get them to think they are ripping 'Player B' off while 'Player A' is "Buying" the item at a higher price and 'Player B' is selling the Item lower than Player A is buying for ... Player B is trying to sell the item to people :)

Explaination Below

For an Example of how to do it, will be using Grey Tiger Badges :)

Of Being in a popular city, 'Player A' will be going around shoutin ""WTB: Grey Tiger Badge, 8m or offer, message me""

'Player B' will be walking around looking for people online that are selling stuff, say you have stuff to trade, throw in the Grey Tiger badge~ Player A will have to be aware of the person you are trying to trade with to verify that you are buying that item ~    Player B will just be trying to trade that item with other people for items that are worth less than 8m and a decent price :)
(FOR THIS ONE, I sometimes even use google translator, pick a random language to use so people think I do not speak english, thus they can not tell me who to PM and/or they think im stupid and do not realise someone is buying at a high price)

Player B can also try to go in Shop mode and sell the item in their shop (Does not work well, but you can try)

Also, I just have Player A, wether that be me or someone else, just ignore all the other PM's they would be getting about that item.
((You can change the prices of the item you want to sell of course, and try to go for different things, Higher priced item your trying to scam, harder to do, unless you get lucky))

Works. :)  ((Suggest not using your main accounts, of course ...))

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