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Account Stealing using MSN

Submitted: 12 years ago (02.26.2009) | Thanks: 4


Just a warning about a scam that people do using MSN and a program.


Be careful don't give your e-mail to anyone on PW there you don't know really. Some people have an program, they send you it on msn, talking that gives coins, and gold. You put your account ID and the password and then press Ok, and it says on all windows of msn there are opened the account details.

What you can do:

When they ask you for e-mail you can don't give it.
Or you can ask for what they want it.
If they say there is for talk or something, you can take the risk, but pay attention if they try to pass you a program! Don't receive it, ask what is it, and if they say is for give gold, money, or something what is about the game, accounts or give something. Block it imediatly and report them.
This just a warm. There are many people u do it so pay very attention.

How to do it:

1º- log into PW world
2º- found someone noob and of a short level
3º- talk that you have a program that gives you Coins and Gold.
4º- After long chat, ask if he wants it.
5º- Then if he says yes, ask a way to give it to hem. Say that you can use MSN, ask his e-mail, add it on yourse, and then transfer to hem the program.
6º- Give instrucions like this:
You say:First exit of PW and then open the program. Put the ammount you want of Coins and Gold (on the program is options like 10.000,20.000,...50.000, of Coins or Gold)
You say:already doned?
Answer:Yes or not. (wait to he finishes and say you that he have finished)
Then you say:Now put your account name and password(on the program) and on CPF part put the name of the char you want the Coins.
You continue:Already doned? If yes just put ok.

Then the program will write on MSN the Account name and Password and the CPF(just forget that part, its only maked to believe that it is going to really give you the Coins and Gold to determinated Char).
Than block it imediatly, and there you have hes account!

Don't do it many times, cause GMs are very active.
And another thing, when you are going to found someone use another account of PW, that it's not the one you play, cause if you get banned by steel acounts, you still having youre real account.

The "false program" wish is to hack people, is on the download part.

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