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CheatEngine Wallhack and AimBot

Submitted: 11 years ago (01.31.2009) | Thanks: 2


Step by step tutorial on how to use CheatEngine to make a PlanetSide Wallhack and Aimbot.


The memory editor CheatEngine ( is not only a nice editor & debugger - it also contains some advanced options which allow you to wallhack in games or even use a built-in aimbot.

This is a step by step tutorial how to use these options in order to look through walls in PlanetSide.

1. Launch CheatEngine. You fail at this you should stop here.
2. Go to adv. Options.
3. Click DirectX-Mess - this will open a dialog asking for the executable where it should inject the DirectX Hooks.
4. Instead of using the "PlanetSide.exe" enter C:\Path\To\Station\Launchpad\LaunchPad.exe
5. Enter the parameters "/gamelanetside /batch:2007908 /plan:426" in order to launch PlanetSide through the LaunchPad.
6. Press Ok and the LaunchPad will be loaded.
7. Login with you Data and press Ok again.
8. Press "Play" to start the game and confirm with "ok" again.
9. The game will load but the Screen will stay black. This is NORMAL!!!
10. Switch to Cheatengine and attach the tool to a different process. You might want to start something you dont need anyway.
11. The game will load now as usual, login with your character and switch back to CheatEngine into the "DirectX Settings"-Menu. Configure your buttons now. Make sure the buttons you place in the Settings-Windows are NOT used by PlanetSide. Remove the F6-F7 keys inside PlanetSide for example to get some room. EXAMPLE : Add the keys F7 - F10 to the Visible Settings in the DirectX Settings. (Toggle Fog, Zbuffer, Lights etc.).
12. Now hit the "apply" button and the hack functions of CheatEngine will be active inside PlanetSide.
13. Enjoy your new wallhacks in PlanetSide.

Should work with most DirectX 8 Games and some DirectX 9 Games.

Aimbotting and placing a visible red cross on other players (textures)
1. Move to the Aimhelper functions in CheatEngine DX Settings and locate the field "prev. Texture", "next Texture" and "lock texture".
2. Change the keypoll intervall to 20 ms for faster processing (or change it again if you think thats too fast for you).
3. Hit apply, now you should see a texture field in the upper left corner, by pressing the button for "prev. texture" you now can scroll through the textures loaded into memory, seek for the faces of other players. In PlanetSide press "prev. Texture" a LOOOOONG time. At some point you should see the faces.
4. Switch back to CheatEngine and increase the key poll intervall back to 100 ms. Now scroll back through the textures in planetside and lock all faces.
5. Move the battlefields and every friggen player arround you should have a bit red cross in his face which you can see through walls.

We therefore just major f*cked up PlanetSide by adding a wallhack & texturehack. Add my PlanetSide Tool to this and you'll be unstoppable once you figured out how to use all these tools to maximum effect.

Does this still work?
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