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by 9thwarriour 9thwarriour
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1-40 50-60-60+ level guide

fast leveling | Submitted: 10 years ago (12.27.2009) | Thanks: 1 | Views: 54,516


this small guide will show how to level from 1-60+ in 12hours or less



This is a small guide to go from level 10-40 in 3 or less hours,level 40-50 in 2-3 hours lvl50-60 in 4-8 hours.

a r5+ pet (DD/tank build) /r3-r4 pet DD build (you will need a healer for a r3-r4 pet more than likely
3 trainees Stamina Savers (10-40)
+400-700 r2 luna chips
3 regular Stamina savers (40-50)
+800-1700 r2 luna chips
5-6 stamina savers (50-60) *this can be done with less if you can kill monsters quickly in the dungeon*
+900-2500 r3-r4 luna chips

first put your R5 + pet in your stash (warehouse so you can get to it from your new character) (pu your gear in toO)
log to char select screen
make new char
login to it

now this guide starts in trainees camp.

step 1.
make your character

step 2.
skip all quests
go to the elementary trainers camp site and begin training from their to the trainees town gate (DO NOT GO TO TRAINEES TILL
(usualy youll have both around lvl 5-6)

step 3.
after you have aquired those go to your stash (warehouse) and get your pet and its gear.

step 4.
go to the east feild from trainees camp and get to level 10/jlvl10 using your pet dont worry about drops only pick up the good stuff like cards and pet cards

step 5.
go to town get the job transfer quest from guildas and go to deneb

step 6.
get the class transfer quest from deneb then go to the guy on the coast

step 7.
get the kill anatamea quest complete it and go back to that guy

step 8.
get the return to deneb quest and go back to her get your job change

step 9.
get the next quest from deneb and turn it in for your trainees tent and 3 trainees SS

step 10.
goto gaia horizon and get your chips from your warehouse and a mount and if you have some get some wind potions

step 11.
go to  dry moon light relics 2 (go  west from horizon's north gate all the way to grey bridge then go across grey bridge and go south-west to the gate of dry relics and go in.

step 12.
buf your pet/yourself if you have someone ask them to give ou cleric buffs ETC

step 13
go to the right hand path ( your gona be going a ways) use a wind potion *it may be a good idea to use Shift+click and left you pet attract all the aggressive (red name) monsters*

step 14.
follow that path all the way to the middle room and then take the path on the left side at the top ~*AVOID OFFORIA*~

step 15.
go all the way up tO THE TRIAngle looking split path that leads to the room in the middle of the dungeon map. go to the top point of that triangle.

step 16.
now start killing a monster.

step 17.
use a trainees Stamin saver (SS) befor eyou kill the first monster

step 18.
KILL EVERYTHING THAT MOVES. do not worry about drops just kill no picking up rigt now

step 19.
after your first hour is up take a break if u need too and go to town get potions/chips/ETC

step 20.
go back and start your second hour

step 21.
continue till you have used all of your trainees SS. you should be level 40 by then. if your not kill till you are ( dont use any moress as you shuld be very close to 40)

step 22.
go to horizon after youve reached lvl 40 and  gear up for the 40-50 stage

step 23
go back to the same spot only thin time move to the right side point/in side the middle room (NOT TO FAR INTO THE MIDDLE ROOM THO AS THIER IS A BOSS IN THERE*ABHUVA*)

step 24
start on your next monster and then use a SS before you kill the first one

step 25
KILL EVERYTHING THAT MOVES~~ only dont stop for breaks if you can help it till you hit lvl 50

step 26
after you have reached lvl 50 go to horizon and gear up for your level 50-60 leveling (get better chips and your r3 gear)

step 27
go north east from horizons north gate up to second valmor mines

step 28
go in the mines and go up to either lost mines 2 gate or lost mines 1 gate

step 29
get buffs!

step 30
try to kill a mob see how easy it is for you

step 31
if you can easily solo a mob or 2 alone then start to kill one then use a SS before it dies and thennn

step 32

step 33
keep going till you reach level 60-70+ you can get to 75+ in here

step 34 go have fun or come back and level some more ^^

step 35
go farm or duel or what ever you do~~~
For farming checkout my bot (JT farm bot modded) it is in the bot section for rappelz on gameexploits.com
for dueling (good luck)

have fun with your r3-r4 char :)

thanks for reading,

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