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WHY R I BANNED?!: Where/when not to hack

Submitted: 12 years ago (09.16.2008)

If you get caught hacking, by anyone, GM or players alike, and get banned, it's your own fault for being stupid enough to do things like PK and what have you while you're using the hack. Use some discretion people.

Obvious precautions are necessary. Especially if you want to keep playing like you are now.

Why am I making a thread on this?

Because it's not the first time someone's posted about how they got banned. (I'm making this post after seeing the third thread I've seen, actually.)

So let's lay down some things. When and where should I not hack? Good question. The answers are pretty easy... and pretty damned obvious.

1. If you're in a crowded area, obviously, it's not a good place to be when you're hacking. Crowded areas mean that there's a higher chance of someone watching you, intentionally or not. It may be harder to find areas that are empty to level in, but try your best to find a place where there aren't as many people as possible.

2. If you're PKing, and township battles do fit into this category, do not be using hacks, especially if you're planning to PK someone 10+ levels higher than you. They will know that something is wrong and report you.

3. In towns, keep the /gmspeed to a minimum. Don't be using something like /gmspeed 20, because some people actually do notice "something" going on. Hell, they'll probably notice if you've got /gmspeed 2 on.

4. Don't use the minimap teleport unless you know what you're doing. I think that is either first or second worst thing to do to get banned. (Forumname)

If you're hacking to get banned, feel free to disregard the above. But if you actually care just a little bit about your characters...

Don't be ignorant and wave the hacks around.

Got anymore tips for your fellow hackers? Feel free to post them, and I'll add them to this post.

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