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Runes of Magic Bot | Submitted: 10 years ago (04.01.2009) | Views: 10,249

MicroMacro v0.99 or newer
MicroMacro 1.0 highly suggested, which you can get here

Extract the contents of the zip into micromacro/scripts/. The whole 'rom' folder should be inside 'scripts'.

Now you'll need to make a waypoint script. Start MicroMacro and execute the rom/createpath.lua script when prompted. You just walk to each point you want in your waypoint list (try to avoid walking near any trees, fences, steep hills, etc.), and press NUMPAD 1. Once you've made your round (the waypoints should loop back and bring you near the start), press NUMPAD 3. Now type in the name you want to save it as (example: 'boars' would be good enough. Don't include any slashes, and the .xml extension is automatically applied).

Next you must make a profile. Go to the profile directory and make a copy of Default.xml, but rename it to whatever your character name is. It must be exact, but capitalization shouldn't mater. For the waypoint script option, you will apply the '.xml' extension this time.

Finally, open up settings.xml and make sure everything is correct.

Profile specifics::
HP_LOW : The percentage of health to use heal skills at
HP_LOW_POTION : The percentage of health to use potions at
MP_LOW : The percentage of mana to use mana potions at
WAYPOINTS : The filename (including .xml extension) of the waypoint script to use. Must reside in the 'waypoints' folder!
COMBAT_TYPE : Either "melee" or "ranged". Whichever best fits your character.
COMBAT_DISTANCE : The distance to remain at when fighting. This only affects your character when COMBAT_TYPE is "ranged".
ANTI_KS : Whether or not to avoid stealing other players' kills. true or false.
LOOT : Whether to pick up items or not. true or false.
ENERGY_STORAGE_1 : Should be your primary classes' energy type: mana, rage, concentration, or energy.
ENERGY_STORAGE_2 : Should be your secondary classes' energy type: mana, rage, energy, concentration, or none (if no secondary class, or both classes use the same energy type).
POTION_COOLDOWN : The cooldown, in seconds, for potions. Typically either 15 or 30, depending on the type used.
MAX_FIGHT_TIME : If you stop damaging a target within this amount of time, you will skip this target (prevents getting stuck).
DOT_PERCENT : Only use DOTs on this target if it has more than this percentage of HP.

A list of your "friends" or party members. The bot will consider it OK to KS/assist these people even with ANTI-KS turned on. Later, it may allow you to heal/buff "friends".

HP_POTION : The hotkey for your HP potions. Duh.
MP_POTION : Guess what this does?
ATTACK : The hotkey for you standard attack, found under the general tab. Yes, it's needed.

A list of the skills your character will use with their associated hotkeys. Examples:

<skill name="PRIEST_INSTANT_HEAL" level="10" hotkey="VK_1" modifier="" />
<skill name="SCOUT_WIND_ARROWS" level="15" hotkey="VK_2" modifier="" />

Must be a skill that is listed in database/skills.xml
name must follow the convetion CLASSNAME_SKILLNAME. All capitol letters, using underscores for spaces.
Only skills that need mana should use the level attribute. Other skills do not have increasing requirements, so it is unnecessary.

To use:
Very simple. Just open up RoM and log in. Now open MicroMacro and execute the script rom/bot.lua and then press DELETE to start. That's it. If you have multiple RoM windows open (multiple bots are supported) then you must bring the window to attach to to top then press DELETE again.

'modifiers' (ie. VK_CONTROL, VK_ALT, VK_SHIFT) currently do not work, so make your hotkeys only single keys.

Common problems:
My skills aren't working. Why?
[list]Press escape and go to interface settings. Turn on Self Cast. This will help for buffs at least.
Next, make sure your energy types are set correctly in your profile. Your primary energy storage is set to the energy type that your primary class uses, and your secondary energy storage is (obviously) for your secondary class. If both classes use the same energy type, then only the primary storage is needed, and the secondary storage can be set to "none".

For example, a knight/warrior would use primary storage of "mana" and secondary storage of "rage". A mage/priest would use a primary of "mana" and secondary of "none". The values are case sensitive, so "Mana" would not work.

Why can't I loot? I have looting enabled.
Press escape and go to interface settings. Make sure you enable Click to Move and Auto Loot. Both settings need to be enabled to make looting work properly.

You must also have the default attack (named 'Attack', found under general skills) hotkeyed and properly configured in your profile.

RoM just updated and now the bot doesn't work anymore! What do I do?
If you're using MicroMacro 1.0 or newer (yes, you MUST have 1.0 or newer. 0.99 won't work here), you can do one of the following:
Run: rom/update.lua
[list]Finds and rewrites addresses.lua with updated info[/list]
Run: rom/bot.lua update
[list]Does the same as above, but also starts the bot automatically with new info.[/list]

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Credits for Rbot

elverion - scripting
Zephyr - helped with skill database, testing