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Shaiya XE 1.3

Shaiya XE - The first non-maintainance bot for Shaiya. | Submitted: 9 years ago (08.17.2010) | Thanks: 5 | Views: 29,979


Shaiya XE will do what you hate : Leveling. Because there are more fun aspects in Shaiya then grinding :).


Shaiya XE 1.3 - Updated offsets






Welcome to Shaiya XE, the first commercial , maintainance free bot for
Shaiya US.

I will modify it to work on German client to, and Brazilian one, if a customer wishes that.

Shaiya XE stands for Shaiya Xtra Efficient, which shows what
the main goal of this bot is. The bot will do all the unpleasent things
for you while you do stuff that you like. You will find a detailed list
of all the features further down in this document.

This guide is meant to help you to set up the bot correctly, since this
is very important. If you follow this guide, you will have no problems
running Shaiya XE.


Shaiya XE is a very stable, well working bot with a lot of features
that will make your gaming experience a lot more pleasant.

Here a list of some features. I will explain a bit to each one.

Auto grind

Shaiya XE will automatically kill every mob in its surroundings, showing no sign of tiredness or boredom.

Infinite grinding

To add to the grinding aspect, Shaiya XE can run completely without
pots, by resting everytime one or more stats are below a user definable
percentage level.

Automatic looting

Shaiya XE will farm anything in the souroundings, even gold. It also
smartly filters between items that belong to the player and items that

Advanced resting functions

As described erlier, Shaiya XE can run completely without pots, by just
using the 'rest' function. This ensures maximum grinding duration. It
also helps keep the pot usage low, thus making the botting 100 % cost

Advanced life support functions

Next to the resting at a certain, user definable percentage, the bot
can also use common pots, also at a percentage you can specify. All
three main stats (HP,MP,SP) are supported.

Advanced attack options

Shaiya XE makes it possible for you to define what exactly is used to
kill a target. You can use up to 4 attacks to wreck havoc upon your
opponent. Every skill is execution time definable, so you dont have to
worry about the game lagging and skill bugs.

Advanced Autobuff support

With Shaiya XE, you never have to worry about buffs again. The
bot will automatically use up to 2 user specified buffs when a certain
time is over, to ensure optimal buffing coverage. Both squad buffs with
target selection and self buffs are supported.

Advanced game modifications

Shaiya XE can manipulate the games RAM values, thus enabling you
to alter game stats. For example, the bot can set your running speed to
'extremly fast'(Speedhack), or it can alter your attack speed. This
counts for melee fighters and casters alike.

Another highlight is a built in teleport module, which allows you to
teleport short distances. You can save and load locations to visit on
the fly, and teleport there with the press of one button.

Detailed statistics

Shaiya XE protocols all actions while botting, and gives you a
detailed statistic while and after the actual botting progress. With
this statistic you can evaluate your botting success. For example,
Shaiya XE lists up the total gold drop and gained experience in one
botting session, and calculates values that tell you how much gold and
exp you got in avarage from one kill. You can use this information to
find out the best and most time/cost efficient botting

Advanced anti detection features

We want your botting sessions to be as safe and effective as possible,
so I made sure that Shaiya Gms will not detect the bot as easy as other
bots. First step to achieving this are several anti hooking methods I
wrote for account safety. The bot will automatically clear the RAM
variables where the logins are saved, to minimize the risk of account
termination. Also, the bot features a set of very effective anti
detection mesures, such as using a randomly generated key to encrypt
its own memory addresses, thus making it very hard for Shaiya anti
cheat mesures to detect and/or stop Shaiya XE from operating.
There are many more, internal checks that ensure you are using a
unmodified, original version of the bot. Further, Shaiya XE will not
modify the game client state on the harddrive, which could alert any
hashing and file integration check ingame.

Summerized, you can trust in Shaiya XE to do the best possible to
ensure your account is safe when botting.

Automatic Update

Shaiya XE can contact the Crytools server and check for any
pending updates. If it has found one, you have the option to download
and install it. You can also let Shaiya XE automate this check at every
start. This ensures you are allways in possesion of the newest and
fastest Bot version.

Maintainance free

Shaiya XE is completely
maintainance free. No offset hastle, no config files, just fast,
efficient botting. If the Shaiya developers patch the game so that the
current version will cease working, we will offer an update within 24
hours. Garanteed.

Configuration and hints

Now I will explain how to set up the bot.

First of all, Start the bot and login. If you have not bought a key,
then please follow the given link to purchase one. Ill explain the
purchase process in more detail later.

When you have successfully logged in, Please search for an update, if
you havent enabled this as a standard procedure in the options.

If you already set up the bot once, and didnt change any settings
ingame (Skill, pot, key placement), then just press start when you are
in the region where you want to bot.

If you are setting it up for the first time, then start on the HP/MP/SP tab.

Set the options according to your ingame configuration. You can use the keys 0-9, which gives you 10 keys to use.

When you did that, then switch to the next tab, where you can configure
settings like looting, attacks, and auto buffing. Set it according to
your ingame configuration, just like the first tab. Important : The
''Normal attack'' skill MUST point to the standard attack action
(no skill). The rest of the skills need a button and an execution time,
which is the time that a skill needs to be fully cast, i.e. done. For
long skills, use a longer execution time (duhh :P).

When you configured all the settings, press start. Now watch the bot kill stuff for you :)

Hint : Do NOT minimize the winow or select another window while botting.

The payment process

Click on the ''Visit Website'' button. You will be redirected to paypal.

Enter your Hardware ID into the notes. You can find it under the exit button in Shaiya XE login screen. Its a 8 digit alphanumeric.

Once payment is flagged as successful by paypal ,the key will be sent by email. Please include your email in your Paypal transfer, or write me a mail which contains your transaction number.

You will be redirected to Shaiya XE download.

Note that it could take up to 12 hours before you recive your key.

Thats basically all there is to it. If you have any questions regarding
Shayia XE, then feel free to ask.

Thanks for choosing Shaiya XE.


Shaiya XE developer

Go here if you wanna purchase >

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Shaiya XE 1.3
Shaiya XE 1.3
Shaiya XE 1.3
Shaiya XE 1.3
Shaiya XE 1.3

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