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by Zerkal Zerkal
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Disconnect's Bot

Submitted: 10 years ago (02.10.2009) | Thanks: 4 | Views: 26,198

Tutorial about how to make this bot working on other Shaiya versions.

1. Download Cheat Engine, install it and start it.
2. Open the config.ini located in the bot folder. The following part needs to be changed:

Walk=7157240 ;6 if walking by clicking on the ground, 3 if walking by double clicking on a monster, 0 if standing still
Sit=7157312 ;0 if standing, 5 while sitting down, 7 when sit down, 6 while standing up
Buff=616 ;over 0 if buff is casted, otherwise 0
Target=348 ;0xFFFFFFFF if no monster or item is selected
HPValue=300 ;equals HP value

As you can see I have added comments in each line so you know what values you need to search for.
3. Start Shaiya, window mode is preffered to make it easier for you to switch between Shaiya and Cheat Engine.
4. Attach Cheat Engine to Shaiya by clicking on the icon in the top right corner.
5. Let's look at the first line now: "Walk=7157240". Attend to the short description I wrote behind ("6 if walking by clicking on the ground, 3 if walking by double clicking on a monster, 0 if standing still").
6. Now you just need to make your character moving by clicking somewhere on the ground, switch to Cheat Engine and then search for 6. You probably get like 100,000 addresses now. Then stand still and search for 0 in your next scan. There should be a lot less addresses in your list now. Since it's a static address, you just need to look for a green address (it means it's static if it's green). Don't forget to convert the address from hex into decimal before writing it into the config.ini.
7. Let's search the character pointer and the offset for HPValue now. Just enter your current HP value first. Then let your character being hit by a monster and search for this HP value. There should be 1 address left now. Add it to your list by double clicking. In your address list, right click it and go to "Find out what accesses to this address". If the list is empty, just lower your HP again by letting monsters hit you. Now choose one of the lines and double click it. Look at the code in red now, in my example it's this:

0042f09d - 8b 93 2c 01 00 00 - mov edx,[ebx+0000012c]

[ebx+0000012c] is the important part. 12c is the offset for "HPValue" and ebx is the address the pointer points to. To find out what value ebx is simply look down. In my example it shows "EBX=1638C6F8". Search for 1638C6F8 or whatever (don't forget to tick "Hex"). Only one static address should appear. It's your character pointer.

I think Shaiya US has GameGuard, so you need to find a bypass or an Undetected Cheat Engine.

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