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Way of Making Money

Vis Make Quick Money | Submitted: 11 years ago (04.04.2009) | Thanks: 1 | Views: 9,415


Ways of Making Money in Sword of the New World


This guide is going to be using the Wheel of Destiny pack from the bazaar... after buying this pack you will recieve a WoD / 90 mps / other things ... once you get the WoD.. you will be able to enter the Land of the Dead and do the quests for Kurt

Equip the WoD and go into Los Toldos and talk to Kurt on the broken boat

He will give you a few quests to do before you can actually make it to the part of making money once you complete the quests up to the part that says

Quest: Collect Pure Otites
NPC+Location: Nameless, Los Toldos (Broken Boat)
Reward: 3x Polish: Veteran and Secret letter of "One with no Name"
1. Nameless will ask you to collect 10 Pure Otites.
2. Talk to the Sad Old Man to start his quest, "Cursed Undead Hunt" to obtain them (see next quest). You will need to do his quest a number of times to obtain 10. You'll likely do the quest 8 or 9 times, as the chance to get 2 Pure Otites from 1 run is quite low. However, each run to obtain 100 Refined Otites will probably only take 10-15 minutes. Make sure you activate his quest again after each run so you don't waste MPs!
3. When you have 10 Pure Otites talk to Nameless. He will ask you to deliver a letter to Eduardo.
4. Head back to Eduardo's Hideout and give him the letter.
5. From this point on, whenever you enter the Land of the Dead, make sure you have the Cursed Undead Hunt triggered!

You can repeat this quest as many times as you like... most people know by now that this way of obtaining money is by buying MPs and making them into Pure Otites... i find this way to be the most effective when wanting to farm vis, only because when you try to farm Snail Shells or something.. it is not guaranteed that you will get any, Pure Otites are a sure thing when making money(sometimes you can recieve 2 after doing this quest). MPs as of right now on Bristia server are going for 1m each, after buying 1 of these you can turn it into 1 or 2 Pure Otites. Pure Otites on Bristia server are selling for 3m+ so that is a 2m profit every time, and it only takes about 2-10 minutes depending on your character you are using to farm them

Using an expert musk is the best way to run through and farm them

what you will need to do is once you are on the part to repeat the PO quest, you will need alot of MPs and you will need Otite Perfume(Last 1 day) to enter the Land of the Dead (I have like 50 from just opening Mystery Boxes)

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