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Assassin guide

Submitted: 11 years ago (01.29.2009) | Thanks: 2 | Views: 19,473

Power is everything, of course there tactics too however power is always everything by far; they don’t need tactics like other class. Otherwise our AOE is mostly wanted.

Strengths --- Fast Swift Crit Sin own in PvP / Scenario boss
--- Easy to Lvl up Without Quest, Mainly 30s

--- AOE skills outclass all

--- AOE are #1 needed in Enegry Gathering or Rep Quest

--- Less Stamina Used then Monk

--- Element Array Increase All element Resist (no need for Necklace prots)

--- Run From Gang or Surprise PK

Weaknesses --- Dodge Doesn’t Work (otherwise make a monk)

--- You'll Miss Attacks on mobs that are 3 lvl more then your current alot

--- Party Will be hard to get into if not chain

--- You'll be the FIRST to die in Party since Mob Aim at the strongest ATKer (Daggers)

--- Item Are Costy

--- There Are NO BLUE weapon for Chain 50+

Every DEX = .02 Damage bonus
VIT = 5 HP
C.Strike = 2.45 %
Dodge = .95 %

Skills and Quests


A lot Stronger then Chain by 5% only within Lv 1-50, There no AOE skills on it, Good for Demi Human and Boss, Owns in PVP (Monks), combo Point improve Skill Dmg every 3rd 6th and 9th skill hit (poison bash)... there is no useful stun on dagger so u'll need to use dragon roc....
All Rep Quest Lvl needed for blue weapon will be 4

All dagger build should be a pure DEX build with Crit - why? cause your aim is swift crit in a 1-3hit combo and move on to the next without getting touch!

Not as strong as dagger neither is it effective for Scenario boss for that matter... However if you gain a +7 Blue Chain it out rank a +7 Dagger, if you ever find a blue chain Lv50... if your a pro at a Sin, you'll be able to keep any1 stun though out the whole battle using chain, (Scenario boss are immune to stun)
All Rep Quest Lvl needed for blue weapon will be 3 (there is no lv50 blue weapon)

All Chain build should be a pure VIT build with Dodge - why? cause your aim is always AOE, therefore to lure and aoe = HP

Skills – *Order of upgrade*

------ Daggers ------

*Poison String - attack target, cause x points damage (Stam 30, Instant) (obtain at lv 10
Inherence 1 - Increase Dmg 6-30%
Inherence 2 - Improve Poison Dmg 2-10%

*Rush Faint - rush attack cause target faint 1 second (Stam 50, Cooling time 20sec) (obtain at lv 7)
Inherence 1 - Decrease Cooling Time 2-10s
Inherence 2 - Increase Poison Crit Dmg 10-50%

*Poison Bash - heavily attack, cause target x points damage (Stam 60, Instant) (obtain at lv 15)
Inherence 1 - Increase Crit Hit Dmg 10-50%
Inherence 2 - Increase Crit Rate 1-5%

* Poison Thor - target poisoned, speed slow down 50% in 5 seconds (Stam 40, Instant) (obtain at lvl 20)
Inherence 1 - Extend Effect Time 1-5s

* Soul Lost - knock on weapon to make noise, target faint for 3 seconds, wake up after attacked (Stam 50, Instant) (Obtain at lv30)
Inherence 1 -

--------- Chain ---------

*Lighting Slash - attack target, cause x points damage (Stam 30, Instant) (obtain at lv 10
Inherence 1 - Increase Dmg 5-25%
Inherence 2 - Improve Lighting Dmg 2-10%

*Lash Faint - shock faint target for 2 seconds (Stam 40, Cooling time 20sec) (obtain at lv 7)
Inherence 1 - Extend Faint Time .5s - 2.5s
Inherence 2 - Improve Lighting Dmg 1-5%

*Double Lash - heavily attack, cause target x points damage (Stam 60, Instant) (obtain at lv 15)
Inherence 1 - Increase Crit Hit Dmg 10-50%
Inherence 2 - Increase Dodge Rate 1-5%

*Thunder Slow - group attack skill, all enemies around speed slow down for 80%, maximum on 5 enemies (Stam 40, Cooling 5s) (obtain at lv 20)
Inherence 1 - Decrease Cooling Time 1-5s

*Lightiing Sweeping - knock on weapon to make noise, target faint for 3 seconds, wake up after attacked (Stam 40, Instant) (Obtain at lv25)
Inherence 1 - Increase Crit Hit 4-20%

****Chain Build****

All VIT along with dodge Equip, ditching the DEX

This Build is for standard players - Lightning Lash
- Lash Faint
- Thunder Slow
- Lightning Sweeping

This Build is for adv (rich) players - Lightning Sweeping
- Lightning Lash

Combo 1 > Double Lash / Last Faint / Lighting Lash
Combo 2 > Lightning Sweeping X5

Lvl 30+

Combo 3 > Dragon Cry, Double Lash / Last Faint / Lighting Lash
Combo 4 > Lightning Sweeping , Dragon Cry, Lightning Sweeping X2

****Dagger Build****

All DEX along with C.Strike Equip, ditching the VIT

This Build is for standard/rich players - Poison Sting
- Rush Faint
- Soul Lost
- Poison Bash (not needed at all)

Combo 1 > Poison Bash / Rush Faint / Poison String
Combo 2 > Poison String X5
Combo 3 > Poison String X5 / Poison Thorn / Swift Move (Boss Combo > With guards)


Combo 4 > Dragon Cry, Poison String, Rush Faint, Poison String X2

Otherwise it's your choice since the skills type is so alike but don’t increase inherence beside Poison Sting as Crit are better and faster then poison Bash.

Once your Lv30+ optional depending how your build

Dragon Roc and hasty Shoes is more recommended for VIT build
Theurgy Bell and Dragon Roc for DEX build

Assistant Talisman

Array Flag * Puzzling Array ( It just simply make it so u can walk pass enemies without been atk )
* Elements Array ( Increase xxx elemental resist for 15s )

Theurgy Bell * Soul Rocking ( freeze monster for 15s, doesn’t work on boss/players )
* Soul Shield ( physical defense increase x points )

Hasty Shoes * Swift Move ( move speed increase 50%, lasting 15s )
* Shadowy Walk ( dodge rate increase 50% in 15 seconds )

Dragon Roc * Dragon Cry ( Shock faint enemies around, maximum 5 targets, and cause x points damage )
* Roc Sing ( Recover from speed slow down status )

- Obtain Divine Tiger at LV25 in stone city by going to SC, RC and HH last boss
- All Quest Boss cant be solo unless your +2-3 above there lvl
- Get mentored If you can, it'll be worth it someway (obtain blue lv10 chain and dagger at lv10 of been mentor and again at lv20 / 30 FREE)
- Panda Pet is your best friend > Rich players get Monkey or Hornbill pet
- Soul Fuse all Blue equipment / Weapons you have Armed or Green if you couldn’t find blue at your lvl (cost about 1g) after lv10 (not trade)
- Upgrade +1-4 on Equipments if can afford only after lv10
- Check Auction House Every now and then
- Magicstone ALL EQIUP +5vit/dex
- Accept Apprentices ASAP... Even lvl them
- Use all Master Point in Vast Mountain!
- If you used Chain for AOE, DO LC/TC for energy gathering, If you used Dagger, Boss grinding
- Also Get Brass Ring with c.strike 1% added

Yes of course you can switch between hasty shoes and elemental array, long your willing to gather energy; but if u find a blue elemental Array it out class Hasty shoes Blue.


*Based on even Equip and Lvl and only with class blessing*

Chain Combo
Cause Sin are low in HP unless your a VIT built always keep them stun

Best Method Learnt and used and Seen, PVP last about 10sec, PK last about 3sec

******Soul Shield/Element Array, Lash Faint, Double Lash, Dragon Roc, Lightning Lash, Lash Faint, Double Lash********

Dagger Combo

******Soul Shield/Element Array, Dragon Roc, Poison Sting X5******


Q1 - Should I pick Dagger or Simitar Chain?
A1 - Depend on you really, you can either lvl up fast with AOE skills (VIT built) and try buying a dagger in the Lv50s (450g+)... or go slow.

Q2 - When can i Solo HH?
Q2 - When your Lv50s using daggers (note i haven’t seen any chain sin solo HH beside daggers, i be wrong)

Q3 - What the Best Pet for Sin and skills...?
A3 - Any Hp Restore Pet, autopick, upper hp and last energy

Q4 - How do i get Blue Item for Sin?
Q4 - If your on Chain, lucky you, your chance are higher, Dagger Sins... well you know the drill... Events grind RC, HH, FT

Q5 - This Guide sux and doesn’t help me
A5 - Guide aren’t suppose to help... it suppose to give you an idea of what they ARE

Q6 - Why Do i see High Lv player always do LC/TL?
A6 - It for energy gathering, u gain about 8k enegry per run

Q7 - Can i wear Assistant Talisman that exceed my Lv?
A7 - Yes! however you'll only gain the Stats and it'll only function at the Lv you can handle, of course long you meet the requirement

Q8 - Why do the Rep Quest?
A8 - It optional.. if you want to save $$$, however there are case where you may need the Rep Quest, e.g - Snow Village for a blue Lv40 weapon

Q9 - Do we have super skill?
Q9 - Yes, at Lv60, i believe we the only class with it so far... whether it works or not.. it yet to be confirm. (new assistant talisman)

Q10 - Purple Set Do?
A10 - Purple set is just a set that allow bouns... like having 2 purple armor, you are given a bouns of 75dex extra, of course these set r made for Dagger Sin

Q11 - You say Sin has they strongest atk but why do they sux alot or dont deal much dmg...
A11 - Sin draws high chance rate of crit (1000+ after lv40) and we slash about 2x faster then a monk b4 they can break.

Does this still work?
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