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Wizard guide

Submitted: 11 years ago (01.29.2009) | Thanks: 1 | Views: 11,769

Wizard Guide

I - Introduction

Wizards are the nukes of Talisman Online. They dish out heavy magical spells, killing enemies from afar with their great range. They are extremely good damage dealers, and great to have in teams or scenarios, as they will greatly increase the party's killing speed. Blah blah blah, I won't bore you with all these. You should know what makes a Wizard by now. If you don't, then I'll briefly say. It's the wickedly high damage they do.

Update (22 April 2008):
The latest patch buffed the Wizard's base HP by quite a bit, so you shouldn't be dieing as much as you did (if you have been) in the past. The previous patch buffed the Wizard's damage by 8%, quite a hefty percentage to say the least.

II - Assistant Talismans

Ice Shield
I cannot emphasize enough how useful and necessary this talisman is. It gives you a defence boost, which can be used (cannot be used with Tao Power from Tao Symbol though), and also a speed decrease status effect skill. Extremely crucial, as this will prevent mobs from reaching you and dealing damage (wizards aren't good tankers, period). Available at Level 5.

Longbrow Needle
This talisman gives you the ability to buff your intelligence, as well as other players, increasing your base MP as well as increasing your base damage (shown on "Attribute" screen). Also, this talisman gives you a faint skill, which can last for 35 seconds when maxed (handy for scenarios and such). Received through a quest at Level 10.

Warm Jade
This assistant talisman has hardly been used, and its skills are not useful at the moment in the game, so I will not touch on it. Available at Level 20.

Tao Symbol
This talisman should replace Longbrow Needle as your next assistant talisman after Ice Shield. You get to debuff people (might sound silly but is useful during PvP or BPW). Add on to that, an AoE stun! What more could you ask for? Great for PvP, PK, Guild Wars, so on and so forth. Available at Level 30.

III - Skills

Ice Shield

Ice Curse
This spell allows you to "curse" the enemy, causing it to move at a reduction of 80% of its normal speed. Very very useful in grinding, since you do not want the enemy to have a chance to reach you before you finish it off.

Ice Shield
Increases your defence. The higher level the talisman, the more defence it adds. Great when that extra bit of defence is needed, for example, in PvP.

Longbrow Needle

Inspiring Art
This buff increases your base intelligence. For a wizard, 1 Intelligence = 0.2 damage. It adds MP too, at 5 points per point of Intelligence. This talisman will be replaced by Tao Symbol as the main assistant talisman after Ice Shield, but remember to recast this skill on yourself or party members when the buff runs out.

Pointing Faint
By using this skill, the target is "faint" for so and so seconds. Useful in the Happiness Hall scenario, since the mobs run off at low HP to call in for extra reinforcements from nearby enemies. Has a 5 second casting time though, thus making it impractical for PvP or PK, for that matter.

Tao Symbol

Tao Power
Debuffs are especially useful during PvP, or in BPW when you're against monks, one click of a button and their Robust Spell goes down the drain (% of course).

Earth Faint
Ahhh, the AoE stun. For players that do not know what AoE means, it stands for Area of Effect. It affects mobs around your character, causing damage and stunning them at the same time. Very useful in certain instances, like Tide Cave and Green Scarp (Fire Burst/Tide Spout + Earth Faint).

IV – Inherence Points Allocation

Ice Shield

Improve Ice Curse first, and at maxed, the cooldown of the skill will drop from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.

After finishing Improve Ice Curse, the next skill is Improve Ice Shield. When maxed, should an enemy attack you physically, there is a 50% chance that it is slowed down by 50%. Not very great, but that’s all you have to add.

Longbrow Needle

Improve Inspiring Art, this will increase the effect of the skill by 25%. More Intelligence, more MP, more damage!

Improve Pointing Faint next (nothing else to improve, since there are only two skills), increases the faint time by 15 seconds at maxed, bringing it to a total of 35 seconds (more than enough to kill off other mobs).

Tao Symbol

Improve Earth Faint next, thus increasing the possibility of landing a critical hit by 50%.

Improve Tao Power next, reducing cooldown to 15 seconds.

V – Weapon Talismans

Use of Swords

Why go for Swords? I’m sure many of you have this on your mind. Well, the Sword is an outright damage dealer, dealing extreme damage. It out damages Blades, and thus, consumes more MP compared to the Blades.


Fire Strike
Absorb the fire element between the sky and the ground, agglomerate on the sword and thus cause target x points damage.

Fire Barb
Sword comes out from the ground, pierce the target’s body, cause target x points damage.

Fire Spiral
Sword shoots at the target with fire, cause target x points damage, target is unable to use long distance attack for 3 seconds.

Fire Dragon
Summons a fire dragon down from the sky, cause target x points damage, and with extra burning effect, cause target x points damage in 15 seconds.

Fire Burst
Inspired from the anger, burning the monster(s) around, cause target x points damage.


For Level 30 and below (those that do not have Tao Symbol assistant talisman).

1. Fire Barb > Ice Curse > Fire Barb > Fire Strike or Fire Spiral or Normal Attack
2. Fire Barb > Fire Dragon > Fire Barb > Fire Strike or Fire Spiral or Normal Attack

For Level 30 and above (those with Tao Symbol assistant talisman).

1. Fire Barb > Ice Curse > Fire Barb > Fire Strike or Fire Spiral or Normal Attack
2. Fire Barb > Fire Dragon > Fire Barb > Fire Strike or Fire Spiral or Normal Attack
3. Fire Barb > Earth Faint > Fire Barb > Fire Strike or Fire Spiral or Normal Attack

Note: These two tips apply for Blade users as well.

Always remember to get the maximum distance away from your target, because doing so, your target has a lower chance of reaching you and dealing damage on you. Try to avoid going near spots where monsters spawn (especially at higher levels), since most mobs are aggressive at higher levels (with exceptions), they attack when you walk near them.

Do not kill monsters that are more than three levels above you, or mobs that are two levels lower than you, as this will drastically decrease your EXP gain (due to the fact that you will miss the higher level mobs, and the lower ones will give lesser and lesser EXP as the level range increases).
Also, always use your strongest spell for the first hit. This is because you are at maximum range, the mob will not agro you, so make use of this advantage, and do the most damage in the first hit, because onwards, the monster will be aware that you are attacking it, and will come after you. Common sense really.

Inherence Point Allocation

Improve Fire Strike
Improves damage of skill by 30% at Level 5.

Improve Fire Barb
Increases the casting time by 5 seconds, increasing damage by 25%, at Level 5.

Improve Fire Dragon
Improves the burning effect by 40%, at Level 5.

Improve Fire Spiral
Lengthens the effect of the skill by 2.5 seconds, when maxed.

Improve Fire Burst
Improve critical strike rate of the skill by 25%, at Level 5.

First Build
1. Improve Fire Barb
2. Improve Fire Damage
3. Improve Critical Rate
4. Improve Critical Damage
5. Improve Fire Dragon

--This build is great for dealing high damage at lower levels.

Second Build
1. Improve Fire Barb
2. Improve Fire Dragon
3. Improve Critical Rate
4. Improve Fire Strike
5. Improve Fire Damage

--This build will highly optimize your bossing speed. Improve Fire Dragon increases the burning effect, thus causing you to be able to do more damage over time. This will lead to killing bosses faster, however, you will only be able to do so in scenarios, or with groups. You are unable to solo bosses your level, as for the rest of your Wizard life. This build is only great for bossing though, does not work as well on grinding/training, as it burns MP way fast. Also, the burning effect is not able to dish out its full damage, as it only deals damage every 3 seconds for a total of 15 seconds.

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