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Fairy guide

Submitted: 11 years ago (01.29.2009) | Thanks: 1 | Views: 9,176

I - Introduction
II - Assistant Talismans
III - Skills
IV - Inherence Point Allocation
V - Weapon Talismans
--> Use of Wheels
VI - Conclusion

Let's get started, shall we?

I - Introduction

Fairies are known for their great abilities, of which are buffing HP and healing. They are an essential and necessary class for any party. Without fairies in your team, it is difficult to complete a scenario, or to obtain your objective.

Many people think that fairies are weak solo and only good in parties. This is not true all the time. Fairies are and can be great solo players. They get to keep their own buffs (more HP for survival), also they can self-heal as well.

I will assume that you already know the basics of the game, interface, how to do quests, etc. Because I will not be touching on those in this guide, look for Opeth's Newbie Help Guide.

II - Talismans

Treasure Leaf
This is what makes a fairy, without this, you are not able to heal yourself or your team members, nor are you able to revive the dead. You will receive this talisman when you complete "The Test of the Fairy" quest. The one you receive from the quest is bound, you will not be able to sell it.

Wonder Needle
This is your second most important talisman, it allows you to have the ability to increase the upper HP limitation of your target, or more simply put, increase their HP. A great addition to your newfound skills, you will receive this talisman through a quest from Sand Village. In order to have the quest given to you, try to complete all the quests, you will eventually reach it. Also bound.

Purple Cloud
This is the next assistant talisman you will receive at Level 20, also it can only be equipped at Level 20. You can get this one from two quests, one from the Golden Macaque in the Forest Altar, another from the Solitary Ghost in Cacodaemon Stockade. They are both bound. However, this time the talismans are not identified, if you plan on using it, be prepared to use a Green Identify Gem (not the Newbie one).

Purple Cowry
This talisman is available through a quest from Fellow Liao Yi in Mercy Temple. You need to be Level 30 to equip this. Also not identified, and is bound.

III - Skills

Treasure Leaf

Healing Spell
This spell will be one of the two spells you will get for regeneration of HP. This spell has a casting time of 1.5 seconds. You will be spamming this spell during bosses, so get used to it.

Cure Spell
This spell also heals HP, but in a different manner. The target will recover HP in small amounts every two seconds, for ten seconds. This spell is instantly cast once you press the hotkey. During bosses, keep this spell up, use it again when it goes off (remember to use healing spells in between).

Revive Spell
This spell allows you to revive someone from the dead. It costs quite a large amount of MP, but is extremely worth it for the gratitude you'll receive from the dead player. Hey, 2% might seem very little at lower levels, but it is a pain to lose it once you reach Level 30 and above (since 1 mob is <0.1%, so 2% is around 20 mobs or more).

Wonder Needle

Leeching Needle
This is a one-of-a-kind skill. You will deal damage to the enemy every 0.5 second, for 3 seconds. At the same time, you will heal a small amount of your HP and the teammates around you. But the downside to this skill is the high MP cost, but low HP regeneration.

Not much is know about this skill, but the main purpose is to, like what it's name says, detoxify you.

Sun Needle
This skill is also a trademark fairy skill. It increases your target's HP, depending on your skill and the target's level (even if you have a 500HP buff, on a Level 1 character, he does not gain 500HP from the buff). Extremely useful. Lasts for 20 minutes.

Purple Cloud

Cloud Balk
This skill is used against a tamer's pet. Causes a certain amount of damage to the target, slows down target by 80%, and also lasts for 10 seconds. (Skill is kinda useless, during PvP, why kill a the pet at all? The time taken up for killing the pet could prove disastrous, because by the time the pet is dead, you might be as well.)

Cloud Dimming
Stunner. That's basically what this skill is. It stuns the enemy for 3 seconds. Extremely useful for training.

Purple Cowry

Purple Smoke
This skill is an extremely expensive DoT spell. Causes a certain amount of damage in 10 seconds. Not worth using during training, very costly and time-consuming.

Purple Crystal
Many players slam this skill, saying that the 15% chance to revive is too pathetic, that the revival rate is so minute that it is near negligible. However, I have witnessed someone who died because of sudden spawning of mobs, and actually got 'saved' by the skill. So cast it every now and then (20 minutes). However this skill costs 2xx MP at Level 30 and also has a cooldown of 5 minutes.

Purple Shield
This spell allows the target to have a shield formed around him/her, protecting him/her from a certain amount of damage in 1 minute. The shield will absorb the damage, and disappear after the damage is over the maximum it can absorb. Great skill for bossing, not really worth casting during training.
IV - Inherence Points Allocation

Treasure Leaf

Choose "Improve Healing Spell" or "Improve Cure Spell" and stick with it until it is maxed. Then go on to the other one. After that go for the last one "Improve Revive Spell".

Improve Healing Spell/Improve Cure Spell
When maxed, it increases the maximum amount of HP that can be healed by 30%.

Wonder Needle

Max "Improve Sun Needle" first for sure. This skill allows you to increase the amount of HP you can buff from your Sun Needle skill.

After that, points go into Leeching Needle for a lower MP cost, a reduction of 25% MP cost.
V - Weapon Talismans

Using the Wheel: PvP

Most players think fairies are easily squashed in PvP. However, you can take this chance to prove them wrong.

The skills to use in sequence are somewhat similar to Syldra's Using the Wheel: Soloing.

1. Because this is PvP, you will be unlikely to get the maximum range from the opponent. Thus, when duel starts, cast Thunder Faint IMMEDIATELY.
2. Cast a Cure Spell on yourself, and then after, cast Sheen Slice.
3. The opponent would have recovered from faint status, this time, use Cloud Dimming.
4. Cast a Cure again if it has worn off, if not, use Sheen Slice again.
5. At this stage, use Sheen Slice again, then cast Thunder Faint again as the cooldown wears off.
6. Use Sheen Slice one more time, and repeat with Step 3 if the opponent isn't dead yet.

If you wanna be on the safe side, cast Purple Shield on yourself before the start of the duel as well. Remember, Thunder Faint is your friend. Abuse it to the fullest.

However, just because you have two stun skills at hand doesn't mean that you will win every single duel. They just help you in achieving that.

I am unable to do a section on Use of Pearls, due to the lack of information I have.

VI - Conclusion

Thanks to all who have helped in making this guide, especially Syldra on her input of wheels and stuff. I hope you have actually learnt something useful that will help you in your future endeavors as a Fairy in Talisman.

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