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[Release] TS2 Aeria Bot Version 3.2, 12Sky2 Bots, Twelve Sky 2 Bots
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[Release] TS2 Aeria Bot Version 3.2

Submitted: 9 years ago (06.14.2011) | Thanks: 4

UPDATE 6/13/2011

Notice if it is not working run the updater !!!!
New Five day trial released today.

Get your TS2 Aeria Bot HERE

New Features & 100% Memory Based

• TIME HACK added to the Bot, now stay in premium maps after your time is
up works on all premium maps even second portal premium maps
• Item Stacker ( Stacks all inventory items into one spot in your inventory
removing the need for hermits chest. Works without Dc ing and allows you
to over stock your inventory even after you log off all your items our still there.
Works great for stocking your shop or long periods of grinding saves you
from going back to town. ) Loot Filter Added ( Will not loot Commons or
Uniques )
• Auto Pill Health 100%
• Auto Pill Chi 50%
• Attack Speed up to 200
• Graphical User Interface Looks Like Part Of The Game
• Custom key setup for all keyboards.
• Updater ( Auto Updater, Updates Bot after Game Patch. Now Bot is
updated without restarting the bot so update and go)
• Advanced Window Capture ( gets the Clients Window Resolution Making
all Movement Relative to the Client Window not the Users Screen
Resolution. )
• Auto Pet Feed when Pet activity is 50 or less
• Death Detection
• Auto Terminate Bot when you Die
• Set your Grind Spot ( Auto Respawn At Grind Point when you die )
• Stationary Grinding ( for Agro Mobs attacks only when you are attacked )
• Moving Grind ( Now uses AOE and is pixi free, 100% Random movement
within grind area, auto attacks when attacked )
• Player Detection it detects any player who comes close to you and display
on screen there name and how long they have been within your area. It will
record all players and when you turn it off it will open the player text file on
your screen showing who was by you and for how long.
• GOD Mode ( Bosses Only )
• GM Sight ( See others Level )
• Super Zoom
• Auto Pause when Chatting
Some extra work was done on some of the existing scripts to trim up and make everything run smoother and better.

Universal for all resolutions and computers.
Tested on all resolutions from 800 x 600 to 1920 x 1440.
Windows XP, Vista, and Seven 32 bit and 64 bit.

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[Release] TS2 Aeria Bot Version 3.2

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