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Level 106-Adept 8/A8

Submitted: 11 years ago (09.20.2009) | Thanks: 1

This is a guide how i got to A8

At level 106, you should begin fighting the power pushers, or ademuses, if you do not have enough hp. The positives of fighting the power pushers is the exp you receive, which is more than the ademus. But ademus drops 105 capes, which could make you some money. So I guess it evens out. Continue fighting on these mobs until level 108.

At level 108, begin fighting in the Void Cave against the serpentines. This is an excellent training area for these levels. You will receive descent exp, and you will have the chance to attain Adept 2 equipment, which would get you prepared for the levels ahead. It would save you a lot of money, and even though they are clean, you should be able to enchant them cheaply since each 12% is for 1mil now. So 5 mil to get an item to 60%. Continue fighting in void cave until you level to Adept 1.
Use the 5x exp pot if you can.

Welcome to the Adept levels. Your exp will suck, and you will have to train around 10 hours a day to level descently. At adept levels, you should be getting exp at a rate of 1% every 10 minutes or around that, depending on which mob you fight. At Adept 1, I suggest fighting at muckers in the Ghost valley cave. I STRONGLY suggest this and for you to use this time wisely, because it is difficult to fight the delamakins at that level. If you do not have access to the cave, fight at the void cave.

Once you reach a2, you will get new equipment, FINALLY! With this, you'll be able to fight the muckers quicker or start on the delamakins. Depending on your defense, I'd prefer muckers for the average player. But for those rich people, you should start fighting at delamakins if you have a 90% robe with a bit of cs. To levle faster, use a light sword, but to level safely, use a heavy sword. Marble people do not need to change equipment because they have great dodge, and attack speed. So in this case, they are the middle build Train till A3.

At Adept 3, you should train on delamakins. I suggest to fight these delamakins in skyscape maze because they are twice as weaker in hp, and they're exp is .5% lower, but TWICE as weak. The problem though is the lack of gathering the mobs. What i suggest is choosing two corners and just walking back and forth (make sure those corners are close) killing each mob. Train till Adept 4.

At adept 4, you have two options. You could either fight at Mystical Grounds (suggested) at the sicus wielders or stay at delamkins in skyscape maze. I prefer the sicus wielders because they give better exp at this point. The problem is the way of gathering mobs. I came up with this gathering tactic (named by oblivion) called the "spiderman aoe." The spiderman aoe is something i use so then the mobs do not travel so far, causing me to lose time chasing them back. Instead of running to the mob area after completing killing your mobs, JUMP to the next area of mobs. The mobs will be near their original positions, and after you land, you may begin aoeing. This saves a lot of time and instead of getting 1% every 10 minutes, you'll receive around 1.3% every 10mins. Which is a very big difference in the long run. Train at these areas until adept 5.

At adept 6 and 7, personally, i would choose Beast Masters in Skyscape maze. People choose the Goblin Elites in Mystical Grounds, but I suggest not to because the beast masters for me are killed in 5 aoes giving .0045% each. The goblin elites however take 10 aoes and give 0.007% each. Usually, I'd go for the goblin elites, but the problem is that the goblin elites attack around half a second faster, a big difference, and the goblin elites dodge a hell lot more. So, it isn't 10 aoes to kill the goblin elites, but actually around 13 aoes. They'r dodge is annoying, and another factor to look out for is the lion boss. What I did is train at Beast Masters because they give better exp after 2 mobs (same time to kill 1 goblin elite mob), and second is the slower attack speed and the lack of dodging. You'll kill the beast masters much quicker.

I use light sword for pvp and training. I have to use stronger pills, but i level faster.

Heavy sword is descent for training, but has the slowest aoe.

Marble is great for training. Great speed, you dodge alot, but there aren't many greatly enchanted marbles out there.

The problem with heavy sword:
Here is the problem. Heavy sword has GREAT defense, but the problem is your money. You will buy a heavy sword around 60% a2 and you could buy that for around 10mil. But for some odd reason, when you try to sell for 10mil, you'll take some time. So you'll have to sell for like 8mil to get some money. I hate that! You'll just lose money in the end.

To keep yourself on training:
1. Music: you will need music because if you're training for hours listening to blood gushing out, you will get bored! So what I do is get around 4 songs up, and listen to 1 for around 5 times, and finally I get bored of it and switch to the next one.
2. Breaks: You CANT train for 10 hours straight! You have to take short breaks every hour. I take a 5 minute break after 1 hour of training to freshen up. I get a glass of water, use the toilet and stuff. It helps
3. Party: get a party. You will level so much faster and forget about those leechers! They will not matter because you get bonus xp anyways! You will waaste time kicking them and looking for a new party member.

That is how I got to Adept 8. I HIGHLY suggest leveling from a3 wars because you will not really help in Ghost Valley and stuff like that. I also suggest level * fast from a4-6 because you will HATE that war! It lacks in Contribution Points and is not really fun. A8 war is fun except that the snakes and sky keep camping our portal. What is up with that?! It's a formation war for god sake -_-

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