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Easy 100-112 Labyrinth

Submitted: 11 years ago (09.20.2009)

Well Here's the solution to the 100-112 first room not sure if its the same in the next lvl of lab adept lvl+ but here ya go.

Theres 5 main bosses in first room 4 red deitys and 1 unicorn + other small minibosses and loads of mobs.

Simple realy at the start of it if its loads of you go directly to the bottom right corner theres a big tree stand directly behind it as i think the mobs have a massive aggro range so being behind the tree will cause them to despawn at the instant of aggro. unicorn has a pretty good aggro but say less than quarter distance of the room.

Now for the unicorn its 1k defense needed for it to hit you roughly less than 5k damage each time except on a vital as it then doubles witch is why a vital cape is needed the unicorn has very low hit rate so 1k+ dodge will avoid most attacks allowing a solo of the boss but with that being said when it "hits" with range or close quarters attack it has a chance to stun now the stun effect can stack witch is very important to remember as it based on pure luck on wether u can wait for the stun to run out and survive or you could indeed get stunned again whilst allready stunned and die.
so summary of that you need +4 anti stun armor. [yes anti stun restoreing finger for dragons soul release for tigers its a passive and also allows you to unstun friends] . you need 10k hp to survive a deadly and 15k hp to survive a first normal hit with stun and 2 normal hits after before u become unstunned and can heal. you need 1k dodge to make it miss most attacks. you need 1k hit rate to effectively hit the unicorn a lot. Unicorn's health is pretty high so depending on lvl it can take time to kill while solo thus risking death more so from multiple stun hits or a vital whilst stunned.

Tactic to kill the unicorn simple realy one person gets its aggro and drags it to the top right corner witch is where you can hide from view of mobs so they despawn and the unicorn will come right in close enough to hit whilst being out of view of the mobs it will basicly be standing head first in a pillar practice im sure you will get it now you can attempt a solo by going 15k hp wth 1k defense and 1k+ dodge or a team tactic is to have 1 tanker or more each with 10k hp and the anti stun armor and a scepter user mainly for added dodge n speed to run in and out unstunning stunned tankers.

Unicorn dropped me 1 12% gold,amazon stone and a lucky ticket or one of those tickets not sure witch. and ye its 5 million +10% experience at lvl 112 for killing it not sure if that varies on level. think all people in the room get the 5 million and 10% exp for the kill.

im pretty sure all mobs except the bosses respawn. im not sure what skill that is that you can combine at the elders [guys u enter the main halls from] in description it says has higher chance to stun so i dont think thats reverse flow from ts1 which gives more passive immunity to stun.


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