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Hex Editing Made Easy

No game is Safe against the FragileARtS | Submitted: 11 years ago (06.27.2009) | Thanks: 2 | Views: 10,486


This will tell you everything you need to know on how to utilize a Hex-Editing Program to place any and all buff on your self. Also has a list of Addresses That I've found on my Lowbie Char.


I've taken 2 days and loads of trial and errors. I've found that all possible hex-editing capabilities are found in buffs and buffs alone. If you have a buff icon you can alter and make sure the buff stays on you. Any and all buffs minus the server buffs for example the Bonus to DMG and EXP.
The steps to take:

First things first to find 12sky2.exe with Cheat engine. Click the computer icon in the upper left hand corner of the Program under the word (File). At the bottom right of this new window there is a button stating {Window List} Click that. Then find 12sky2.exe. Open Gratz now you're a Hex-Editing FOOL! lol.

Next steps occur while game is up Char is logged in and Cheat engine is up and you've done the open button thang.

1: Place the buff on yourself mouse over the buff there is a percentage %.
Search for that exact percentage using a Hex-Editing program such as Cheat Engine or Art-Money. Cheat Engine allows you to limit your searching address area and it will speed up this process. Search between the values of 00B00000 and 00BFFFFF. or if you don't know what this is don't worry about it.

2:After the first scan wait for the buff to expire. Then search for 0 (zero).

3: Place the buff back on yourself and search for the % again. Repeat these steps till you are down to under 10 addresses.. should only be 2 addresses but under 10 is for the lazy people out there.
Also you can limit the search to 4 bytes. All though the value you enter must be in the 1 byte range (1-255) it can not exceed the 1 byte. Freeze the Addresses.. <--Remember that.

Prior addresses listed on this site are different from my findings but that could simply be the fact that there are too many variables to consider(Updates, Different Computers, Ect). I will list my findings for the lazy people.. if they don't work just follow the steps.

Run Speed 00B5FF40
Attack Speed 00B85543
Defense 00B5FF10
Defense 00B8552F
Dmg 00B8552B
Dmg 00B5FF08
Hidden Buff 00B5FF38
Hidden Buff 00B85537
Hidden Buff 00B85547
Hidden Buff 00B5FF20
Hidden Buff 00B5FF28
Hit Chance 00B5FF18
Hit Chance 00B859C3
Hit Chance 00B85C0B
Hit Chance 00B85E53
Vital Strike 00B5FF48
Vital Strike 00B8554B

I am sorry these are all the buff My lowbie char could acquire. I am a noob to the game and i have only played the game for 1 week.
Something others can look into is the healing and spirit regen buff others can give you. I don't have any friends on the game so i have never been given the healing/spirit regen buff so was incapable of searching for the address. That would be something though have a constant Stream of health and Spirit. If you're thinking of the regen skill that every player starts with.. don't even try.. it just makes you un-able to strike an enemy.

Some side notes.. The speed hacks.. there is no need to place the Run speed higher than 100. if you do place the address to any value at all you should use the sprint Skill everywhere you go. Also these address place buffs on you and Vital strike doesn't go a way.. a smart person would see that. so fighting in public = Bad..
Attack speed if placed too high even with the hit chance buff you still will miss a LOT!. So a value of 100 for the attack speed buff is just fine.

Well these are my findings. i hope people see this and the addresses work for you.. if not DON'T BE LAZY.. they are easily found.

Does this still work?
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