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Aeria - Map Fun

Popular Twelve Sky 2 Tool :) | Submitted: 9 years ago (05.06.2010) | Thanks: 18 | Views: 18,769


Teleporting, Speedhacking, Auto Pill, Map Teleport, GM Sight, Swear Filter Bypass, "Flying", Multi Hit hack, Zoom Hack and more.


Map Fun! 

This is a program that I have made so we could learn more about the games positioning system and how maps work.
It has evolved into a tool to let users of the community help us out with pserver development by collecting preset locations and mob spawn locations.

Please click the thanks button if you download this so I can get a general count of how many people use Map Fun :)

<a>Download Here!</a>

Here is an Autoloot Script coded in AutoIt3 google for that if you need to use it.

HotKeySet("{END}", "close") ;So that we can press "END" to stop the script in case something goes wrong. ALWAYS do this!
HotKeySet("{PAUSE}", "loot") ;So that we can press "END" to stop the script in case something goes wrong. ALWAYS do this!
$loot = false
MsgBox(4096, "TwelveSky2 AutoLooter by MegaByte", "To use this autolooter just hit the pause key. To disable it press the pause key again. To exit it just close the script in the system tray. This autolooter will only loot when the game window has focus.", 10)
if WinWaitActive("TwelveSky2") >0 Then
if $loot=true Then
Until 1<>1;

Func close() ;This is a function and doesn't actually run unless you tell it to. For example

Func loot()
if $loot=true Then
Beep ( 500, 100 )
Beep ( 600, 100 )

[*]It has a manner of interesting things you can do.

Teleporting Stuff:
1.0 Teleporting to preset locations and adding your own locations.
1.1 Ability to auto add portals to the preset list when you use them.
1.2 Zero Z for use when you sometimes get too high or low and want to goto zero.
1.3 A memo of your location, records where you were and you can go there again.
1.4 Sliders you can use to navigate the map.
1.5 AirWalk this enables you to set your z axis to say 37 or 47 52 etc above a monsters head. They cant hit you but you can hit them.

1.0 Presets:
Well this is most of Map Fun right here.
You can add a preset by clicking Add Preset type a name refering to the location your curently in.
Click the preset you want to goto in the list box then click Use Preset.
You will have to be quick when using a preset to use a skill or click on the ground to move.
Other wise the server may move you back to where you were.
I would like people to fill out presets for every map with all portals and send me them if possible.
You can delete un needed presets by clicking them then clicking the del preset button.

1.1 Auto Add Portal:
When enabled this will allow map fun to automaticaly add portals that are not already in the preset list.
You should turn this off when changing maps without using portals eg npc or battle or death on enemy faction.
The portal presets will be avaliable to be used the next time your on that map simply click it then click use preset.

1.2 Zero Z:
Explained Above

1.3 Quick Memo Location:
This is a very good feature allowing map fun to remember the place you are.
You can then click Go There to goto that place again.
Handy when you die for example.

1.4 Sliders:
The sliders for X Z Y and now Direction enable you to modify well those values.
Handy for quite a few things such as moving across the map when you do not have presets or a memo.
Or for going to a new portal on a map that has not been added.

1.5 AirWalk:
Enable this by clicking the button for it
Drag your Z using the sliders to be say 35 or higher or lower depending on the monster and where you are
Try to position your self above the monster so it cant attack you but you can attack it using mele attack or multi hit skills.
You can level on monsters without them even hurting you this way.
Other's watching you will see you in the air when you are attacking a monster using skills.
But when your standing still or walking they see you on the ground.

Mob Block:
All things on this tab and to do with this feature is for people who wish to help us collect data on the mob spawns for the pserver to use.
If you wish to assist us please contact us on our forums.

Mob Set:
As with mob blocks this page is for people who are helping us with mob spawn's however there is the Mob Finder feature here which can be usefull.

More Hacks:
Movement speed hack featuring any speed you desire including Instant.
Attack speed hack.
Auto Pill using the in game's auto pill function but beefed up to 100% rather than 50%.
GM Sight enabling you to see other players names and levels.
Disable Swear Filter lets you swear but obviously dont do it in faction chat...
Zoom Hack lets you zoom out alot the red line is were it got laggy for me the blue line is the normal max zoom out.
7/10 Mob Avoidance prevents monsters from attacking you for 7 out of 10 secconds. NOTE:*this is still under development you may get disconnected still I gota recode this*
Mob Speed Allows you to make monsters follow you instantly or slowly when you move. The server still updates them though so setting it to zero they still chase you just you dont see them move as much. Ignore this hack unless you wish to try it.. but its too buggy atm.

Mob Finder:
Allows you to find a monster your looking for.
You will find Mob Finder under the Mob Set tab.
Set the ID / Num to say 40
Set the interval to 300 or 200
Select the name of the monster you wish to hunt for example Great White Ape.
Click Mob Finder box on. The Tele Mob box will also turn on.
Speed hack for better results and race arround the map where the monster spawns.
You will be teleported to it.

Video Here

Another feature of Mob Finder is the ability to cycle through monsters near you.
Set ID/Num to say 30 set the interval to 700 or more or less.
Click Tele Mob only.
You will be teleported to each monster arround you in the order that map fun see's them.
Use AOE on the monsters.

You can use this button to make Map Fun re-attach to the game. This is handy if you crash the game or start map fun before running the game.
Note if you try to attach map fun the first time at char or login screen it will error due to invalid data for the X Z Y and camera zoom. A bug I may have to fix but not very important to fix.

Please click the thanks button if you download this so I can get a general count of how many people use Map Fun :)

<a>Download Here!</a>

Please Note: You will need to run as administrator if you have vista or seven with UAC on.
This is because of the api's to read and write to the memory of another process. UAC blocks them.

Remember you use this file at your own risk.
Don't blame me if something bad happens eg, getting banned.

Feel free to upload your own presets you will find them in the MapFunPresets folder called 1.txt 2.txt etc.
The number means the map just put them into a rar and upload them.
Please use meaningfull names in your presets and get all the main areas.

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