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Skill Scam

get millions without the hasle of buying a pet | Submitted: 10 years ago (09.23.2010) | Views: 6,596


buy a good skill 9th kat or 6th kat or whatever...doesnt matter really just get a good one...find a sucker to buy it then use a focus or flash form and switch it out(more details in the actual scam)


ok...LESSON NUMERO DOS for you greedy little bastards that love scamming moronic noobs and making them cry about it =)
1)buy a skill...perferably something good like TH or 9th kat something along those lines.
2)buy flash form/focus form(beauty about this scam is that these 2 forms are so increadably easy to find unlike a clean pet)
3)find that stupid sucker that wants to buy it =)
4)say OFFER never state an exact price unless they force you
5)if you say 600ml for TH and they say 500ml split it to 550 so u can ask for more later(dont get greedy with prices considering this is a simple scam and you can do it alot so dont ask for 700-800 which is the desperate prices)
6)tell them to go to the GM cause ur closest to the bank this way and when the scam is done u can stash it and split.

this is the hard part of the scam so pay attention k =)...OOOKKKKKK? good =)

7)start the trade with TH in the bottom or top right pocket of the trade box(its human nature to be lazy sometimes and not check when its further away from where they have to move the mouse)
*8)when the trade is started and they have money in the box already this is what you do, say "hold on someone else is offering me something" and end the trade(its best not to deal with ppl that already have money in the slot cause they are the ones that look for scams most)
9)ok leave the trade after you say that and start it up again but have a long sentence such as "hey can you please add 25ml to the total or an item" THIS is where you make your move!
10)Enter this text or something like it to make them look away from the trade for all of 3 seconds maybe4 if they actually reply, and make sure you send this text right when you open the trade.
11)now is our time to switch =) if you have TH in the bottom right box and focus form right under it in your inventory swap them out as fast as you can in the same spots as they are reading the destractor text you sent them.
12)If it worked and they didnt recheck or notice they will generally accept the trade and u wont add any money sometimes you will...dont be TOO greedy remember that.
13)now that you have the trade done stash it in the bank, switch to an alt then trade your TH and money over to an entirely different account.**

*8=ok the alternate to this part is if they dont have the money in the box hit trade and go my bad. Let them wish it was free and laugh at them for a few seconds(in your head not literally at them) and then end the trade and start onto step 9

**(end of 13)=as i said on my other tutorial of the pet scam...NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER USE A MAIN ACCOUNT TO DO SCAMS!!!!!!
it IS bannable if a GM is around and desides to pull you over and yell at you...believe me its fking scary i know..cause ive met one O_O

overall happy scamming and if you try this on me i WILL know and i DO know every scam in this game cause i helped with several of them ;D (not all)

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