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World of Kung Fu Country Guide

World of kung fu country guide | Submitted: 11 years ago (05.20.2009) | Views: 2,783




Full Guide

Country System:

The countries in WoKF and their capitals are listed below:
Country Capital Territory
Zhou Liuhe Sulin Garden, Ancient Xia Tomb
Zheng Shoudu Shoudu, Xitang Rainforest, Chaozhi Sewer
Liang Yicheng Yicheng, Stone Forest, Shifang Maze
Wei Bizhou Bizhou, Liuli Pool
Qin Jingchuan Forbidden Palace, Hot Spring, Lihun Gully

How to Join in a Country?

1. Players need to meet certain requirement before join in any country:

Higher than Level 20, More than 1000 Reputation in the country you want to join

2. Go to the capital of the country you want to join in, talk to the "Census Manager".

3. Click "Join Nation". You don't need to spend any money, just need to meet the requirement.

4. Your nationality will be the name of the country you joined in, and your status will be "Citizen". You can check this information in your Status/Reputation interface.

5. You can't join in more than 1 country at the same time. The only way to join in another country is to defect from your current one first.

How to defect from your country

1. If you don't feel satisfied with your current country, or you just want to move to another one, you can choose to "Defect" at the Census Manager

2. Talk to the Census Manager and click "Defect" in the interface. This operation doesn't cost you money.

3. Please think twice before you try to defect, because you will lose all your reputation in this country.

4. You can't join in any other country until 7 days after you defect from your former one.

What Can I Do as A Citizen?

After being a citizen of the certain country, you can enjoy a lot interesting functions of Country system, and you can vie for the King of your country too.

How Can I Become The King?

1. You have to be a citizen of the certain country first

2. You have to meet certain requirements before you vie for king:

Higher than Level 40 and more than 30000 Reputation in your country

3. If you meet the requirements, you can talk to the "Census Manager".

4. Click "Vie for King" in the interface and you will be on the list.

5. The King will be picked every 10:00 pm Sunday (GMT-4), by the system. The one who has the highest reputation in the election list will become the King.

6. If multiple players in the election list has the same reputation, the first one vie for king will win the position.

7. The Reputation is counted at 10:00 pm Sunday (GMT-4), so even after you choose vie for king, you still have a chance to rise your reputation.

8. The term of a King is 1 week.

What Can I Do as A King?

King has the greatest power in his country.

The Premier in your country will tell you about all your rights.

King's Rights:

If a player becomes the King of a country, he/she will get a Dragon Armor which gives 1000 Defense and 10000 HP, a title "Lord of XXCountry", and 1,000,000 coins.

King can manage a lot internal affair at the Premiers, include give all his/her citizen long time buff. In each term, a king has 5 chances to give citizen different buffs.

The king can choose any time to give citizens buff, and, if a country wins the Country Battle, the king will have more chances to give buffs, and the effect of the buff will becomes stronger too.

More Detail about the Buffs:

Enhance Health: Increases maximum HP and MP for all citizens, lasts for 2 hours.

Battle Effective: Increases Attack and Defense by 20% for all citizens, lasts for 2 hours.

God Benefaction: Gives 150% Experiences to all citizens, lasts for 2 hours.

Ksitigarbha: Prevents the loss of experience or items after death for all citizens, lasts for 2 hours.

Wealth God: Increases the drop rate for all citizens' farming, lasts for 2 hours.

King also has the following rights:

1. Free shout. A king can use the shout channel without costing any Military Horn.

2. Mute. A king can mute certain citizen of his/her country for 1 hour.

3. Appoint Embodiments. A king can appoint positions of Embodiments. Their term will be 1 day.

The Embodiments are:

QingLong: Increases HP, MP, Attack, and Defense by 30%

BaiHu: Increases Attack by 50%, and increases 3000 critical hit.

ZhuQue: Increases moving speed by 50%, and increases 3000 Dodge.

XuanWu: Increases HP and Defense by 50%.

4. Appoint Royal Guards. The term of Royal Guard is 1 day. In the term, a Royal Guard will get no PK point from killing players, but the Royal Guard's will become Yellow Named too if he/she attacks white name players. No one should try to kill normal citizens.

5. Monster Celebration. If a country wins the Country Battle, the king will be able to hold a "Monster Celebration". There will be several Bosses appear in the capital city in random spot, and there's a chance to get advanced equipments and rare loots by killing them.

King's Death

If a king dies, he/she will get more punishment than normal players, his/her reputation in the certain country will be reduced by 20%.

Country Reputation Quest:

When a player's reputation arrives "Well-known", he/she will gain no more reputation from killing monsters. The only way to rise reputation is to do the Reputation Quests.

Players can get Reputation Quests from the Premiers in their countries.

**Please notice that there will be some places mentioned in the Reputation Quest are not active yet. Players may need to wait until we activate the scene.

Country Battle

1. The Country Battle takes place at 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm every Saturday (GMT-4), and will last at most 1 hour.

2. The Tournament will be randomly made by system and will be announced every 30 minutes from 12:00 pm to 15:00 pm (GMT-4).

3. When the country battle starts, players can enter it from the Premier's in their own capitals.

4. All citizens can join the Country Battle.

5. When you enter the Country Battle Field, you will find that all your enemies names are shown in Red, at the same time, all your allies' names will be shown in green.

6. You don't need to press "Ctrl" to attack your enemy in the Country Battle Field.

7. You can't attack anyone from your own country at all.

8. You will get no PK point from killing your enemies in the Country Battle Field, and as well, you will not have any death punishment. You will directly revive at the "Revive Spot" of your own country's in the Battle Field.

9. Such great potions sold in Item Mall (like Taiyi Pill) are not allowed in the Country Battle.

How to Judge Victory or Defeat in A Country Battle?

1. A country will regarded as defeated as soon as the king dies.

2. If the king of a certain country didn't appear within 5 minutes after the Country Battle starts, the country will be regarded as lose.

3. If the king of a certain country leaves the battle field, the country will be regarded as lose.

4. If the king of a certain country disconnected from game and didn't log in again and come back to the battle field within 2 minutes, the country will regarded as lose.

5. If neither king dies till the end of the battle, it will be regarded as a draw.

Result of Country Battle:

1. You will gain reputation by killing enemies.

2. You will gain reputation by killing the king of the other country.

3. All citizens in the winning country will gain reputation in their country.

4. The king of the defeated country will lose a lot reputation after.

5. After winning the Country Battle, the king will have more chance to give Internal Affair buff to citizens

6. Only the king of the winning country can hold "Monster Celebration"

7. The effect of Internal Affair Buffs in the winning country will be promoted until the next king is elected.

8. The effect of Internal Affair Buffs in the defeated country will be reduced until the next king is elected.

9. There will be no reward or punishment if the country battle ends in a draw.

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