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World of Kung Fu School Guide

world of kung fu school guide, legend of kung fu | Submitted: 11 years ago (05.20.2009) | Views: 1,967


Full Guide


Full Guide


1. Find the School Manager's location on the map. The first school manager you will encounter is in the city of Liuhe.

2. Left click on the NPC and choose "Create a School". Remember you can only create a school after you have reached level 20, and it will cost some coins!

3. Enter the name of your school.

4. Choose the logo for your school.

When your school is created, there will be a system announcement.

How To Build Your School Yard

1. When you have created the school, you can buy a land as the yard of your school.

2. Then you are free to enter your school yard and check all the buildings in it. Each building has some requirements to be built or upgraded. For example, you need to have Tai Xuan Pavilion Level 1 and Yard Beautification Level 1 first in your yard when you want to build the School Flag Level 1.

3. When the school founder starts to construct a building, all his school members can invest coins. When the Investment Limit is fulfilled, the building will be under construction. Every 1,000 coins equals to 1 Investment point, that means, take Yard Beautification Level 1 for example, it needs 50,000 altogether to make the Yard Beautification ready to be built.

4. Besides "Invest", school members can also "Donate" to enlarge the School Fund. There is a Daily Maintenance Fee to keep all the buildings in the school yard running. Where does the maintenance fee come from? The School Fund. So, united, we stand. A strong school needs all the members' hard work and selfless donation.

5. As the reward of contribution, school members get their Contribution Value of the school. Click the Invest Rank, you can check the Contribution Value of all the school members. The Contribution Value is consumable. It can be used to allow the school members to access certain school buildings and buy various special items and convenience. Yes, that means the more you contribute, the more you gain!

6. All the school buildings and their functions are listed as below:

Tai Xuan Pavilion: Upgrades your school to a new level. The higher level your school is, the more school buildings you can construct.
Wing-room: Increases the maximum number of your school's members.
Fame Hall: Increases the maximum number of the members' titles of the school.
External Affairs Hall: Allows your school founder to appoint another school as your "enemy school". The action of appointing an "enemy school" will cost a certain amount of money, which equals to "Your School's Level * 10000" coins. The founder cannot change the name of his/her school's "enemy school" within three days. Once the enemy school is set, your school's members don't need to press Ctrl to attack the enemy school's members. Also the enemy school system is related to school quests.
Internal Affairs Hall: Allows the school members to accept special school quests. Some school quests will also require some other school buildings.
Wall: The endurance of all buildings rises by a certain amount.
Yard Beautification: School decoration that makes your school yard looks better.
School Flag: A school flag appears in the yard.
Craft Room: Allows certain school members with enough authority to raise their craftsman reputation, which will cost a certain amount of the school members' contribution value and school fund.
School Warehouse: A place where school members can store items and equipments. The higher level the warehouse is, the more slots it has.
Collection Field: A place where the school members can collect different materials.
Forging Room: A place where the school members can forge their gears.
Chi Shang Fang: This building offers some great buff charms to the school members. The school members need to spend some contribution values to get them.

Top School and Elite Schools

1. What are the Top School and the Elite Schools?
At 0:00 of every Sunday's night, the system will automatically rank all the schools according to their School Reputation, and pick out the first one as the Top School. And the four Elite Schools will be the second to the fifth.

2. How to get School Reputation?
1).At 0:00 everyday (GMT-4) of the server, the School Reputation will increase by a certain amount according to the school level (at most Lvl.2 in this version) and the number of the school members (at most 85 in this version). Here is the formula:

SR=5*N* (1+L/5)

The amount of School Reputation increased everyday = SR
The number of school members = N
The level of the school = L

2).About the School Wars. A school will win/lose School Reputation when it fights with other schools. Here is the formula:

A=B*L (when B<=250) or A=250*L

How much School Reputation the winning school can get = How much School Reputation the losing school will lose = A
How much Reputation the losing school has = B
The level of the losing school = L

(Yes, the amount of a school can win or lose just depends on how the losing school is. This can prevent school reputation farming to certain degree.)

Refusing a School battle challenge will also decrease the school's reputation too. The amount equals to the school level of that school (who rejected other's challenge) times 50. At the same time, other school cannot raise a challenge to this school in 1 hour.

3. What members of the Top School and the Elite Schools can get? All the members of the Top School and the Elite Schools can get a striking title and a special trinket. Being a member of a powerful school is really an honor and a solid support in World of Kung Fu.

So much for the school system, and hope you enjoy the game! We will keep you updated when we have new contents.

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