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World of Kung Fu Refining Forging Combining

world of kung fu refining forging combining, legend of kung fu | Submitted: 11 years ago (05.20.2009)


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Full Guide

Combination, Refining and Forging System

When you are hanging around on the street of Liueh, are you curious when you see someone is grasping a broadsword shining with radiance? When you step ahead and check his gears... Jesus! A +10 broadsword. Ok, don't be jealous. Follow this guide you will know how to combine different materials into a piece of equipment and then forge it into a flaring one!

[Part I] Combine Materials Into Gears!

Relating NPC: The Weaponsmith and the Armourer
The Weaponsmith and the armourer can help you to forge weapon and armor if you have the required materials. The first weaponsmith and armourer you can find is in Liuhe.

Weapon and Armor Combination Interface
As long as you provide enough materials, the Weaponsmith and the armourer never fail in combining them to a weapon or a piece of armor. The product is of random quality, which is related to your Craftsman Reputation: the higher Craftsman Reputation you have, the higher chance to have high quality weapon or armor. For example, when you provide Iron Cedar Wood and Marbles to the Weaponsmith, he may give you a yellow, green or blue Piaoping Fan. But a white one is also possible if your Craftsman Reputation is not so high. However, no matter what you get, your Craftsman Reputation will increase by 1 after you make a combination.

[Part II] Refine Your Gears: Good, Excellent and Refined

Relating NPC: The Weapon Refiners and the Armor Refiners
Ok, now let's say you have combined certain materials into a weapon. But a normal weapon is not enough for a Kung Fu master. You want to make a more powerful weapon. So let us check the Refining system.

You can find the Armor/Weapon Refiners in different cities. The first ones you will find are also in Liuhe.

The Refining system categorizes the gears into three levels: Good, Excellent and Refined. Two Normal equipments can be refined to a Good equipment; two Good equipments can be refined to an Excellent one and two Excellent ones to a Refined one. So correspondently, there are three kinds of refiner: Elementary Refiners, Intermediate Refiners and Advanced Refiners. The suffix [Good], [Excellent], [Refined] will be added to the equipment's name after a successful refining.

An equipment with one of the [Good], [Excellent], [Refined] suffix will have appended attribute, (like extra HP, MP, Attack, Defense), even for a white-named equipment. Besides that, you still can use the Forging system to enhance its attribute. We will talk about Forging later.

The finished product of refining system is far better than the normal equipment.

The main approach to Good, Excellent and Refined equipment is through the refining system. Other ways to gain them are to kill high level monsters and to finish quests.
Please mind: There is a possibility to fail when you are refining a gear!
You need to think it over before you decide to talk to the Refiners because refining a piece of equipment risks losing the original gears and materials.
Here is another place where Craftsman Reputation functions: the higher Craftsman Reputation you have, the less possibility you fail in refining and the better finished product you will have. You will find that no matter what color of your original gears you give to the Refiner, the color of the product is random. For example, you have one white Heavy Iron Spear, one green Heavy Iron Spear and 10 earth pearls in your inventory. When you successfully refine them, you may have a yellow, green or blue colored Heavy Iron Spear [Good]. If your Craftsman Reputation is not so high, a white Heavy Iron Spear [Good] is also possible. Like successful combination, your Craftsman Reputation will also increase by 1 with each successful refining.

Refining materials:
Earth Pearl
Earth Pearls can be purchased at the Liuhe General store. It's price is 11,888.

Sky pearl
Sky Pearls can be purchased at the Item mall. It's price is 10 Gold. (Check HERE to know how to get Gold.)
Refining charm:
Refining charms can be used to increases the success rate of your next refining attempt.
Advanced Refining charm:
Advanced Refining Charms can be used to increases the success rate of your next refining attempt even more effectively than the Refining Charm.
Refining Safety Charm:
Refining Safety Charms are very useful when you don't have very high Craftsman Reputation. You won't suffer from losing the original gears when you fail in refining.

[Part III] It's Time To Forge It!
Ok. Now you are not far away to have a flaring weapon! Let's get it done.
To forge a weapon, you have two ways:
Use materials to forge your equipment. (Need to forge at the Smith)
Use forging charms to forge the equipment. (Need to forge at the Voucher Smith)
You can find these two NPCs in some big cities like Liuhe.

Attributes that can be enhanced to the equipment:
The Forging system enhances your weapons, armors and decorations. With each successful forging, one attribute can be chosen to add on your equipment. The seven basic attributes are listed as below:
1) HP - Increases the maximum HP.
2) Mp - Increases the maximum MP.
3) ATT - Increases the Damage.
4) DEF - Increases the Armor Defense.
5) C.H. - Increases the Critical Hit.
6) D - Increases the Dodge.
7) Hit - Increase the Hit Rate.
However, not all the attributes can be added to all the items when items are forged. Different attributes are corresponding to weapon, armor and decoration.
Weapon, Helmet, Cuff - ATT and DEF
Armor, Legguard, Boot - HP and MP
Amulet, Ring - C.H, D and Hit
The Forging Levels
With each successfully forging, your equipment's forging level will be increased by 1. E.g. the equipment's name will be like XXX +1 after forged once, twice will be like XXX +2. Equipment can be forged by 20 times at most.
Success and Failure
All the equipment is safe to forge to+4. After that, you will have certain chance to fail, and your equipment and the materials will disappear if you fail. Once again, the Craftsman Reputation increases your success ratio of forging.
The Strikingly Flaring Color Of the Forge Gears
Equipments with different forging level will have different flaring colors.
White: +4 ~ +6
Blue: +7 ~ +9
Green: +10 ~ +12
Orange: +13 ~ +15
Red: +16 ~ +18
Purple: +19
Black: +20
Related Items:
Some items can help to increase the successful rate or to avoid the loss of failure.

Craftsman's Charm:
Craftsman's Charms will increase the chance of success forging.
Advanced Craftsman Charm:
Advanced Craftsman Charms improves the possibility of successful forging more effectively.
Forging Safety Charm: Forging Safety Charms function like the Refining Safety Charms. When you fail in forging, the item will not disappear. It really saves a lot of money especially when the items have already been forged to high levels.
So much for the Combination, Refining and Forging Systems! With good luck and hard work, I believe you will surely possess the most powerful weapon in World of Kung Fu! Enjoy!

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