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World of Kung Fu General Guide

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The World of Kung Fu is a 3D MMORPG for the PC. Based on traditional Chinese culture, the game takes place in a mythical land founded on the ancient Kung Fu moral values of justice and heroism.

Breaking away from the limits imposed by 'professions', each player starts the game as a martial artist of old, studying Kung Fu in a remote village. Having perfected certain chosen skills by completing extensive training and undergoing numerous tests, players set out to take part in the creation of the Wulin, a classic Kung Fu society. As they travel throughout the various territories of ancient China (Zhong Guo; literally "Middle Kingdom") players will be able to demonstrate their valor and bravery as they strive to become martial arts legends.

Rooted in traditional Chinese society and mythology, the game is designed to provide an authentic cultural experience in which the player will be exposed to the depths of China's ancient philosophy and rich customs while enjoying amazing adventures in a fantasy game world setting. The 3D graphics are inspired by the beautiful landscapes of uncontaminated countryside portrayed in traditional Chinese paintings.

As in the real world, the World of Kung Fu is a complex network of various interconnecting systems. Unlike other games in which the point of the experience is to defeat monsters and enemies, this game invites the martial artists to become deeply involved in the development and establishment of a society with interdependent economic and social systems. The game also enables players to experience the emotions of a private life filled with romance and drama. Furthermore, as they increase their skills, players can master their own style of Kung Fu and establish their own schools, from which they will be able to pass their knowledge on to others.

Another unique aspect of the game is how Legend of Kung Fu is made to be as interactive as possible. The GMs are actually in the game for you to interact with, and our event staff is continually creating new interactive NPCs and adventures that help give the game a live feel.

It is our goal to bring the Middle Kingdom of the World of Kung Fu to life! Many more adventures and additions to the game are planned for the future. All new content upgrades will remain free to download and free to play.

Download the game client, create an account and join us in the World of Kung Fu today!

Listed here is some basic information about the game to get you started!

Your First Fight

1. Monsters inhabit many regions in the World of Kung Fu. You are safe in cities and towns.

2. Left click once on the monster and you can check its name and level. If a monster's name appears in red, it might be too dangerous for you to attack until you reach a higher level.

3. Double click on the monster to attack it, or right click on skill icons to attack them with your special skills.

4. Some monsters drop small shining bags when they die. This is loot you can collect. Some loot can be sold to merchants, other loot may be quest items or items used for forging.

You have 3 ways to pick up loot: You can pick it up by left clicking on the shining bag or pressing the hot key "~".
The easiest way is to have a looting pet as your companion. The various lovely looting pets can not only pick up loot for you automatically, but also enhance your character's attributes. You can buy various looting pets from our item mall or do the daily events to get one.

Your First Purchase

1. There are a lot of NPC merchants in each town who sell various goods such as equipment, medicine, tools etc.

2. Talk to the NPC and choose "Trade" to open the trade interface, then you can either buy or sell items.

3. Mouse over the item to check more detailed information

4. Right click an item to buy it or right click an item in your backpack to sell it


1. Do not right click an item you don't want to sell in your backpack, otherwise you'll lose it!

2. Please make sure you close the trade interface before you try to use the item you purchased, otherwise you may sell it by accident!

Skill Training

You can also learn more skills from the masters live in other big cities like Liuhe and Bizhou. And even some high level monsters will drop advanced skill books.

You can also learn more skills from the masters live in Liuhe.

1. Find the master of your class

2. Trade with them. It's the same way as trading to merchants

3. CLOSE the trade interface, and THEN right click the book in your backpack to learn the skill.

4. Click the book icon or hot key "K" to open your skill interface, you can find the skills you learned. Drag them into the shortcut bar for convenience.

Your First Team

1. Left click the person you want to team up with then click the ">>" besides his name to open the communication interface.

2. Choose "Team Invite" to invite the person onto your team
3. You can also press "J" on your keyboard to open the social interface and type the person's name in team field then click "Add" to invite him/her.

4. You can check your team member's status and use the team menu to choose the way of loot distribution.

Your First Chat

1. You can talk to anyone in the game. The chat field is at the bottom left of your screen.

2. Type your words in the message field, press enter to send.

3. Click the button at the bottom left corner to choose the channel you want to talk in.

4. Click the Setup button at the bottom right corner to set your chat system.

Trading with other Players

1. Click the player you want to trade with, and click the ">>" button beside his/her name to open the communication menu.

2. Choose "Deal" to ask to trade.

3. If he/she accepted, the trade interface will open.

4. Right click to put the item into trade field.

5. Click "Trade" to confirm.

Your First Collection

1. You need to have a collection tool before you start to collect materials. You can buy a Common Wood Tool from the General Store in Liuhe. This is a multi-purpose tool made from wood used for collecting materials. As you progress to higher levels, you can find tools made from sturdier materials and they last longer.

2. Equip your tool and start to collect materials! You can get ore, lumber, or herbs outside of towns. Ore can be found in the rock piles with crystals in them, lumber can be found in certain trees, and herbs gathered from certain plants.

3. You can use the same tool to collect ore, lumber and herbs.

4. The casting bar will show you the process.

5. Your collection reputation will be shown in your reputation interface.

Your First Crafting

1. You can find Crafting NPCs in almost every town, but the first ones you will encounter will be in Liuhe.

2. There are several Crafting NPCs in the yard, you can choose the one you need.

3. Click the NPC to open the crafting interface, in which you can see what you can craft and what materials you need.

4. Choose the item you want to make and click "Forge" if you have enough materials.

Your First Forging

1. You can forge your equipment at the Smiths in towns.

2. Click the NPC and choose "Forge".

3. Put the weapon or armor you want to forge into the forge field, and choose the attribute you want to add.

Tip: Forging will cost you some material and coins, make sure you have enough!

4. The equipment will be better after each successful forging. The max forging level is +20. You can safely forge up to level 4, but after that, make sure you have high forging reputation or a Forging Safety Charm (available from the item mall), otherwise your item may become ruined if you fail a forging attempt!

You're now ready to begin your adventure!

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