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World Of Kung Fu Legendary School System

http://worldofkungfu.com/index.cfm?action=Legendary_School | Submitted: 11 years ago (06.20.2009) | Views: 3,051

Legendary School

Event Instruction:
# Legendary School is one of the weekly events which holds on each Saturday during 22:00-23:00(EDT)
# Legendary School event provides an opportunity for all schools in the server to compete in the same stage. Finally, the winning school will be awarded the title "The Legendary School" and a lot of world reputation.
# You can learn rules of Legendary School and inquire the winner this week from Legendary School Manager<Liuhe,440,600>.

What is World Reputation?
# World reputation is awarded in Legendary School Competition. You can also get it from snatching the royal flag. You can exchange many rare treasures and equipments from lottery agent by world reputation.
# Despite Legendary School Manager<Liuhe, 440,600>, Grocery Lottery Agent<Liuhe, 414,619> and Equipment Lottery Agent<Liuhe, 414,581> also stands in Liuhe to serve every players.
# Players can exchange different kinds of items with them by World Reputation. Items include helpful pills, new skills, Lv90 good weapons and divine weapons. Moreover, a new peerless amulet appears: Soul-Protected Bead.

# nto Legendary School competition, system will remove all your buffs automatically (Including pet).
# In the competition, player can use "Vitality Charm, Mana Focus, Titan Charm, Shrinking Charm, transform cards and other items which gives you benefit buff. But these buffs will also be removed if you leave and enter in again.
# Players are protected from all kinds of damage, also cannot attack other players in the initial 30 seconds when entering the competition area.
# A player can only enter competition area twice in the free time. Any reason that makes you leave the area is included. If you want to enter over twice in the free time or enter in the limited time, you are required to give NPC a hero invitation.

Competition Rules:
# There's a terrace in the middle of competition area. The royal flag which decides the winner of Legendary School competition stands on the terrace.
# Players cannot leave the competition area by NPC or using "Town Scroll"
# Here is the list of items which is forbidden in the competition area:
1. Series of Tai Yi Pill, Shen Zhi Elixir and other pills which cannot be used in instance.
2. Pets which loot automatically.
3. Items bought from IM including: Landmark, Ksitigarbha, Lion Doll, Scapegoat, Earth Temple, Shelter Charm, Home Scroll and etc.
4. Both players inside and outside the competition area, cannot leave or enter the area by using Location Talisman, Wedding ring, Mentor Order, Apprentice Order and Team Bell.
# There are totally five places for reviving: four in the competition area and one in Liuhe.

PK Rules:
# In the competition area, ally members who cannot be attacked will be shown with blue name. The definition of ally members is:
1. Players in the same school.
2. Players in the same team.
# Players who are not in your ally will have red names, and they can be attacked without pressing Ctrl.
# Only players in the same ally can be saved with skills and Guan Yin's sigil.

Snatching Rules:
# Players will get a skill called "Royal Flag Snatch" in the new version. You can grab it from skill column (K) to your skill bar.
# Players without school cannot use this skill.
# Player who is casting "Royal Flag Snatch" can be stopped by basic attack with a certain chance and must be stopped by interrupt skills.
# A timepiece which prohibits any school to snatch royal flag in 3 mins will be activated after a school snatches successfully. After the period, the prohibition will be cancelled.

Reward and Punishment

# ALL ITEMS, no matter equipped or in inventory, might drop when you get killed (excluding fashion suits and locked ones)! Meanwhile, others can pick them up!
Tips: Make sure you didn't 'Take Out' your IM gold. Keep them in the bottom space.
Your equipment durability will be decreased by 20% as punishment of your death.

# Players stay in the competition area can get 1 world reputation point in each min from 22:00 to 22:45.
# Players stay in the competition area can get 5 world reputation points in each min from 22:45 to 23:00.
# Player who snatches royal flag successfully will be awarded 50 world reputation points. Players in his school will get 5 world reputation points.
# A player can get at most 500 world reputation points in one Legendary School Competition.

Legendary School:
# As a member of winner school, player who attended the competition and won at least 20 world reputation points will be awarded additional 200 world reputation points.
# Players win the competition will get the buff of Legendary School which can increase your attack & defense by 100, hit rate by 10 and critical rate by 50 in 48 hours.

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