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by Qokaine Qokaine
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Additional Summons On Seasonal Bosses

Submitted: 11 years ago (02.18.2010)


Gonne reveal a little hint i've been using for the last couple of years. It's common sense but since i never seen any1 besides myself doin this i guess people havnt thought of it. Usually doin this method gives me a additional 30-50summons each day.

Requirments: Tank, Healer, Warlock, DPS (mage preferably)

The quest to summon the seasonal bosses (tested on headless horseman, direbrew boss and chemical brothers) is obtainable on level 76-80. This means you can have lvl 76-79 to give them your summon in exchange of the gear that drops (+ all the other items your party allready have)

In other words:

1: Do a /who 79-76 (or 79-76 seperate)

2: Whisper the players you found and offer them your boost (usually around 50% wants to come)

3: Summon the player thru the warlock summoning stone

4: Kill the boss (use ML) and loot

5: Have the mage putting up a portal for the player

Im usually putting up mark on the npc:s and do a premade macro instructing them how to complete the quest.

The whisper message i use for hunting players to summon the boss (for chemical brothers):

"Hello, we're offering a free boost on the new seasonal boss! You'll get the epic ilvl 226 necklace, 16gold for completing the quest, a achievement and the other blue items wich may drop. In exchange of your summon we take the mount if it drops. We can summon you straight away and this will take 2minutes only."

The instruction macro i use for chemical brothers once the player taken the summon:

"/p Welcome, in order to summon the boss talk to the goblin npc with a blue square {square} and take the quest. Open the bag you got and go down the stairs and complete the quest by talking to Braxxin {star}".

Remember to use kind words and thank them for coming. This will make them come back for more days Also you don't want a retard to stay in the instance, blocking more players to come.

I hope this was any help on your struggle to get the mounts

Does this still work?
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