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Advanced Automation WoW Bot full background questing

Questing Done for you, Leveling Done for you, Gathering Done for you, & soon PvP | Submitted: 2 years ago (03.16.2022) | Thanks: 2


No longer private to gold farmers, now translated and updated to exclusively for NA/EU userbase to provide a fully customizable botting experience of World of Warcraft.


The one of many available currently most advanced wow bot is one that will please many who are playing classic & TBC, you will be able to use some of the preset included routines or make your own profiles for grinding and leveling with or use our questing API to make your own fully questing profiles, with 1-10 included already. Very popular with farmers while using mage to rush instances and farm them, there is so much potential for profile makers that want to make their own scripts for questing and leveling is very easy.

Including grinding, questing, and much more such as gathering, it is one of the only bots that do not rely on having to use a LUA unlocker which is why it's made it as a post today to share with you. We will be doing 1 day key tests for those interested, this bot is very advanced and highly customizable, so it is not for the lazy user. If you want something pre made already and with not much setup required then you will want to use the other wow bots available as our premade scripts primarily consist of the farming gold scripts that are making gold farmers their main source of gold income.

We are opening the api access to allow users to also be able to make their own bots which will open up a big market for players looking for more botting scripts without the requirement of a lua unlocker.

We are very excited to see where the development of this wow bot will be steered seeing how it bypasses tbc anti cheat in such a special way which leaves limitless opportunity in what can be automated.

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Advanced Automation WoW Bot full background questing

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