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by GePole
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Get Any Account You Want

Submitted: 15 years ago (01.17.2009) | Thanks: 1


This is a WoW scam in which you get the target's account or money by pretending that they're using a middle man, when it's actually you.


Things you need:
1) A chatroom (Pm me if you want me to provide mine).
2) Social Engineering
3) The ability to talk professionally and normally.
4) A reputable account trading/buying website to find someone's name who has positive reputation.

Step 1:
Find your target. Preferrably someone who is selling. The reason you want to find someone who is selling, is so that you can get their account, and they will be less likely to try to get the account back, especially someone who quit the game). You could also target someone who is buying an account, so you can make some quick coin and/or buy CD keys and game cards with teh money. The person who I least recommend to target is someone who is trading, unless they're trading their account for another game. The person definetly still plays the game, unless they want to trade their account for another game. So, that means they'll try as hard as they can to get their account back. If they're trading their account for a differnt game (EX: Wow for Warhammer), then the chances fo them trying to get their account back are less.

Step 2:
So, now that you've found your target, you need to come up with a story. Here's one that I use, and works. I make a new account to trade with, to make it seem like I'm newer to the community and my repped account is saved for a HUGE scam.
An example story that you can use (feel free to edit/change it):
"Hi, I'm new to the community and would like to do a one tiem trade. I'm bored of my current <INSERT GAME OF YOUR CHOICE HERE> account. Therefore, I am looking to <BUY/SELL/TRADE>. I don't want to build up my post count, since I'm never going to come back to this website. Since I don't have a high post count, or reputation, I am willing to use a middle man. I was hoping we could split the middle man fee, buy if you don't want to pay anything, I could pay 100% of the fee. The website I was thinking to use as a middle man is <INSERT THE WEBSITE THAT HAS THE CHATROOM HERE>. I've been looking around for a reputable middle man, and asked a few people about this website, and they said it's legit. I talked to the admin and thought that he's trustworthy."

Basically, you're trying to convince the other person that you are paranoid about getting scammed AND that the MM website you found is legit. Again, if you need a website, or chatroom to use, I can provide that for you. Just send me a PM. Once you've convinced the person to sue the middle man, tell him that the admin has already gotten your info, or say you're talking to the admin right now. then, once you think enough time has passed, hop onto the chatroom as an admin, or as the person with a lot of rep on the account trading website that you found, (whoever you told the target teh middle man is, and then tell the target to get onto a chatroom).

Step 3:
Now, talk to the person as the admin/MM and tell them "you've received what ever you were suppoed to give the middle man, and once the target gives whatever they owe, then you will give the target whatever they asked for. Hopefully, the target will comply, but if he doesn't, then this is where the social engineering comes in. Try to convince him. If he wants to talk to you and the "admin/MM" at the same time, then just open another window and hop on as yourself. (On the chatroom I have, you can choose any name you want). Once you've gotten whatever you wanted (if it's cash, spend it ASAP, but if it's an account, put a blizzard authenticator on it so the OO can never get it back), stay on as the admin and give some random info, for an account, or pretend to "send" the money to the target. Once you give the stuff, thank the target for being smooth, or give another compliment after giving the random info and then sign out of the chatroom. Or, if you were suppoed to send money, then say you sent it, and have to go MM for someone else, so you have to go. DO NOT say, "OMGZORZ YOU GUYS GOT YO @SS SCAMMED BIOTCH! HAHAHAHAHAAHA!" Just quietly leave.

Things to remember:
1) Be smooth
2) Have a Blizzard authenticator to quickly secure the scammed account, or spend the money you got quickly.
3) DO NOT tell the target that they've been scammed.

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