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Posing As A Company

Submitted: 14 years ago (01.19.2009)

~~~~What to do~~~~

Ok. So first thing we need is to go find our victim. You guys know the drill, I don't need to post any sites..

Next we are going to talk to them like we are genuinely interested. Ask the normal questions such as are you OO, how much gold on the account, how many arena/honor points, etc.

After this, say something like this:

"Please wait while I quote your account."

After a minute come back at them with this:

"At this time we can offer $XXX.XX for your account. If you choose to accept this offer then you will need to have a PayPal account to receive the funds. You will also need Full Name on the account, Secret Question and Answer, access to Email on the account, Username, and Password. If you have CD-KEYS, $20.00 will be added on to your total. For our security we require all information before the funds are released into your PayPal. NOTE: We will ONLY use PayPal to pay for your World of Warcraft account"

Make the offer higher than they would expect for their account. Example: If you think there account is really worth $300, then offer $400. DO NOT go overboard and offer $450+

So, thats the line where either they fall for it or not. If they say they will not give out info first, block em and move on, no big deal.

The next part is easy, just sit back and be patient. Once you have all info, the account is yours to do whatever you want with. Make it your own, play on it, sell it, whatever pleases you the most.

This scam works extremely well. DO NOT expect it to work on the first people you message. It takes a while to figure out exactly why to type so you sound like a legitimate company. If they ask you what company you work for, make one up, who cares.

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