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by GePole
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Effortless Gold Stealing

Submitted: 14 years ago (02.05.2009)

This is an incredibly easy way of making gold.

What you're going to need:

* A Scammed Account with Email Control and SQ/A
* Promethazine w/ Codeine

you don't really need the second item, but it helps

What I am going to explain how to do in this thread is how to find a victim, scam him for his gold, get him to start scamming so as to help him "get back on his feet," and then gank every last penny of his profits.

Sound tricky? It's a lot easier than you'd think...

Phase A: The Initial Scam

Truth be told, this step is entirely optional. You can find victims anywhere, the reason why I do it this way is because it enables me to hit two birds with one stone.

Spectral Tiger Scam somebody. Easy enough, you've probably got this step down to a science. Use your favorite method or one of the ones on this forum.

Phase B "An Offer You Can't Refuse..."

After you take the fella's gold, explain to him that the account is stolen and that the gold will be sold shortly. Tell him that you do this for a living, give him inflated numbers, claiming that your salary is over $5,000 a month strictly from gold sales.

Now, it's almost guaranteed that he'll be asking for his gold back. Tell him that if he'd like to get it back and more, you would be willing to hook him up with an account and show him the ropes of the scam.

If they're bitching about morals and how it's wrong, explain that it's a victimless crime and that the account owners get their accounts back, victims eventually get their gold back, and that the only thing that comes out of this is more dough than he could imagine.

If they ask why, say that you have far too many accounts to be able to use them all and that it'd be nice to have a partner in crime. About 75% of the time you can convince them to take one of your accounts and get paid. I mean, who doesn't want free accounts and gold? Say that if they're interested, they should add you on AIM/MSN.

Phase C Get Out There Champ!

Okay, you're talking to this guy on AIM now. Tell him how it's going to go, you'll give him a stolen account, he will use it to scam gold, you will help him launder the gold so that it's not traceable and so his main won't get banned, then he can buy his epic flyer or whatever. In his eyes, this is a golden opportunity. It's really not hard to find someone looking for a quick buck. Tell him the basics of the spectral tiger scam in a simple, easy to understand way. Break it down like this:

I give you an account

You will spam the macro I've made for you, offering to sell the spectral tiger.

You will get offers, don't settle for less than 2-3k.

When they ask how to do it, suggest that you will go to booty bay with them to the goblin loot card vendor Landro Longshot on the docks, they pay half before, you will give them the code, and then they will pay the remaining half when mounted.

They should already understand how it's done, considering you did it to them, but fill in any questions and tell them to put WoW in windowed mode so that you can give them advice on AIM while they scam.

That's it. Give them the username and password of your scammed account and let 'em get to it.

Phase D: Reaping the Rewards

Keep an eye on them, ask how they're doing and offer advice. You can even show 'em how to do SafeTrade or something if you'd like, it doesn't matter.

The point is that they are now working for you. You can scam gold yourself while they work, but don't waste too much time. I normally let them scam for a hour to a hour and a half before I gank them.

All you have to do is sit, you really don't even have to monitor they're progress. They'll most likely be ecstatic and often let you know every time they get a victim. They'll say things like, "Oh MY GOD DUDE THIS GUY JUST GAVE ME 3000 GOLD! ahahha this is so easy!" Just be like, "Ya lol I know." And wait until they've gotten a comfortable amount of gold.

Finally, simply do a password recovery and log in, it'll disconnect them, and you can now just block them on AIM.

I now offer literally everyone I scam with the TCG method to get them started getting gold themselves. There's no reason not to, you will EASILY triple your daily gold income. Some people have a knack for it, hell, one guy made more than I do, he managed to get 14k in less than two hours before I stole it back.

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