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by GePole
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Laundering With Interest

Submitted: 15 years ago (02.05.2009) | Thanks: 1

This is a super simple, yet a little more timely method of changing gold from your scam account to you main account.

On your scammed account, buy out a POOP-TON of a high dollar items. Buy them WOLK, I'd recommend Titansteel Bars or Greater Cosmics. Always stick to an item that you have enough gold to completely liquidate from the auction house. This will be important later.

Now, open another instance of WoW and log into your main account. Screw off for a bit, then go into the AH and search for whatever item you just purchased with your scam account. There should be none because, duh, you just bought them all with the scammed account.

Post in /2 "WTB [item] in bulk. PST>" from your main account.

Now, using the scam account, pst your main account and fake a convo between the two. This fills your chat log with a nice convo between you and this "other" person. Come to an agreement on some retardedly low price and trade all of the items to your main from the scammed account. In Guild chat, be sure to brag about how you just ripped some dude off for an insane amount of (item) for such a crap price. Mention in guild chat that you could probably make money off of them instead of just using them. Once again, in the event of an investigation, you'll look like a normal wow player who just caught a good deal and is excited, vice being the second half of a good laundering method.

Now, on your main, go to the AH and post them all for a decent price (nothing too inflated) and utilize the AH scam if you want to sell them quick. I just let them sit to make it more realistic to the GMs.

If they don't all sell over the course of a week. Post them at a median price along with everyone else's and repeat the laundering process from step one using your scam account. So you will once again clear out the AH, including the auctions from your main account.

I know people will flame that if you buy out all of the auctions from the scammed account, you're giving away your scammed gold, but think of it like this:

You'll make it back plus some.

You buy 20 stacks of Greater Cosmics for 200g a stack. You just spent a scammed 4000g.

You sell the stacks to your main for lets say...500 to 1000g for all of it.

The auction house is EMPTY, so you put your 20 stacks in there for 300g a stack. You make 6000g from the sale, minus the 1000g you gave the scammed account and poof...the profit margin is a measly 5000G to your main. You actually earned 1000g interest on your scammed gold. Lol.

By using this method, the GM will think that the scammer is simply trying to launder the gold and by buying out everything and selling it to a normal person they're still making money.

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