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$1500 (USD)

59 UM Warrior With Gear

Full goddess, ELe weapon
Server: Lailah
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I will list the Orange stats and the lapis
Goddess Adamas top[5]
+1000hp +600 MP
Craft 5, Craft 6, Shrewd 5, Shrewd 6, Fortune 5, Fortune 6
Goddess Adamas Leggings[5]
+1300HP +100mp +9LUC
Craft 5, Craft 6, Fortune 5, Fortune 6, Dual Fortune 1, Dual Shrewd 2
Goddess Adamas Mufflers[6]
+1000HP  +400SP +1LUC
Shrewd 5, Dual Craft 1, Dual Fortune 1, Dual Shrewd 2
Goddess Adamas Walkers[5]
+1300HP +11DEX +2LUC
Sonic LV2, Craft 5, Shrewd 5, Fortune 5, Dual Fortune 1, Dual Shrewd 2
Shoulder Ark[5] 
-Base stats: +24 STR +24 REC
-Orange: +15 STR +19 LUC
-Linked: Flash Lapis LV1, Water-fear Lapis LV1, Craft 6, Craft 5
15000 AP in Reward Points
I have Wind/Fire/Water/Earth Weapons so its good there
I could get up to about 8 bil gold but right now it only has about 1 bil and some ap items and a few Lapis
the Account Also has a 53 HM oracle, 14 UM hunter, 14 UM pagan, 30UM Assassin
Email me for Pictures... my Pictures and Screen Shots are too big