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Exteel Accounts

$40 (USD)

lvl 58 lieutenant colonel account

over 1m worth of stuff and like 25 bucks worth of ncoin stuff
Server: exteel
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im bored playing time to move on to another game 746 hours of play time has over 1m worth of stuff  3 spaz cores 240k credits 2 guardian arms 158k 2 spaz heads 96k 2 side winder legs 3$ aero legs 70k flanker booster 1.25$ fever rain 1.25$ 2 beam spitters 5$ centurion arms 79k 2 iron curtain A 2 blue tempest 2 azure s 4 pe eagle smgs 2 ncoin a heals its in one of the best clans for Last Stand it also has lvl 3 rocket lvl lvl 2 range lvl lvl 1 melee and cannon at 41% on lvl 0
if u want more info u can contact me at docterdrae@yahoo.com


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