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Guanyin Build Guide

Submitted: 10 years ago (04.14.2009) | Views: 17,511

General Builds

Underneath each class description, you'll find build assessments, mostly based on strength, dex, or rounded. Str and dex are by far the most important stats in this game. Vitality and chi aren't as important, but some is nice to have.

By Level 30 For Any Class
This is my suggestion, other players and yourself my like lowering certain ones and raising others, or drastically lowering one for another. Many types work. Just don't add too much chi.. The only true value in raising chi is to conserve chi pills.

By level 30, my recomended build for any class is:
Vitality- 17-27 ~ Some players don't even add any to this. They may add around 5 points total, and have less than 700 HP at level 50. This amount of vit allows you to take enough damage, to allow you another attack before an enemy hits you.

Chi- 10-20 ~ This is actually what most players would use. This allows you enough chi to pull of a few moves before having it all drained out. Heavenly serenity at a high level helps conserve your Chi pills anyways, so you will have enough for RvR too.

Strength- ~~~VVV
Dex- put the rest of your points into strength and dex as you see fit. If you want to hit and dodge more, add more to dex. If you want higher damage, and easier leveling, add more to strength. Personaly, I like to keep them basically even, but after I've gained a few levels, my dex grew 10-20 points higher than my str.

The Marbler

The Marble class is a priceless addition to RvR. While the Guanyin class is the most rounded of the three factions, the marble class is the most rounded of the three weapon types. The most prized feature of the marble class, is the ability to attack from afar. People take this ability to the extreme, and can make a 1-hit killer ranged character for RvR areas, which is very well liked. The Marble population is low, so new marbles are very welcome to the Guanyin Faction.


The marble combo is: Single hit, Multi Hit, AoE Hit

Tiger's Roar- The ranged marble attack. Recomended for all players, even if you aren't a marbler. The higher it's level, the more damage and the distance it can attack from.

Multi hit (name please?)- need info/will find out soon

Area of effect skill (name please?)- need info/will find out soon

Support Skill (name please?)- Increases Dex. need info/will find out soon

General Marble information-
-1 Strength Using a Marble adds 4.08 to your damage.
-Marbles are just about tied with blades for the fastest rate of attacks.
-Ranged attacks are priceless.
-The Dex Bubble is even more useful when you have higher dex.


All Dex Build-
An all Dex Marbler will be extremely hard to hit. The Dex Bubble technique is a % based skill, so the higher your dex, the better the skill will effect. With high dex, you will rarely miss on ranged attacks.

All Str build-
An all Str Marbler is a priceless addition to any RvR team. With Thunderous Roar, high strength, and Tiger's Roar, a marble char can become a 1-hit range character, which is a nice person to have on your team.---------> Possibly the best build for a marbler, with a considerable amount of Dex as well.

Mid Build-
Combining Str and Dex is a good idea as well. For any class. This allows you to deal massive damage, and actually hit with it. Another good build for your ranged attack.

Other Builds-
The marble is an already rounded class, so all round skills are unwanted. An ace of all trades, but master of none is a state that you want to avoid in this game. Though, going against the natural, low-vit builds, a marbler with high dex and vit would ber extremely hard to kill. The Dex bubble would make the char hard to hit, and even if it did hit, they would have enough HP to withstand the blow.

The Swordsman

The Sword class is the weakest class by strength, but the strongest when it comes to defense. The sword class has the highest buff (50% increase in defense) that supports their high defense. They are very hard to kill, despite their lack of damaging blows. These characters are annoying to face in RvR (as well as the other factions that have 50% defense buff), as they are very difficult to kill. This makes them valuable players to hold the formation.


The combo for the sword is: single hit, single hit, multi hit (you do NOT need to add the single hit at the end)

Detaled sword skills later

General Sword information-

-1 Strength Using a Sword adds 3.86 damage. This is the lowest gain for a weapon class.
-The attack rate of swords is the slowest, but not much slower than the other two.
-The multi-hit skill is over 1000% in damage, higher than a Blade, but is divided into 4 hits, instead of 3. The attack rate is also slower than a blades multi hit, so do not ever fall for the impression that a sword deals more damage than blades.


All Dex Build-
This is not my recomended build for a sword. Swords lack strength power as it is, but if you do take this build, you will be very difficult to kill. Combine this with higher vit than normal, use the defense buff, and you will be very hard to damage.

All Str Build-
One of the better ideas to build a sword with. The 4-hit combo will allow you to do nice damage to your opponet, and with the 50% defense buff, the low dex wouldn't effect you enough for getting hit often.

Mid Build-
Possibly the best build for a sword. Keeping vit slightly higher than chi allows you to take damage, while using your average strength to deal damage. With Dex the same as your str, you should be able to hit the enemy as well as deal damage. Combine this with your defense buff, and you'll be a tank without the cannon.

The Blader

The Blade class is the strongest class when it comes to attacking. The blade class doesn’t have many cons to its abilities. When using a Blade, your damage increases the most, so letting your dex be higher than str DOES NOT make you do less damage than a Marble or Sword. This class is the assassin class of the Guanyin. The high damage helps support the multi-hit skill, making it possible to kill other players in one skill.


The Blade combo is: Multi hit, single hit, AoE hit.

Detailed blade skills later

General Blade information-

-1 Strength Using a Blade gives you 4.3 added to your damage.
-About the same rate of attack as a marble.
-The multi hit skill increases damage to only over 800%, but it is only divided into 3 attacks instead of 4. The speed of the attack is very quick, making it an effective, quick, killing stroke to mobs and other players/
-You can allow your str stat to stay relatively lower than your dex, or add points into vit, and still be able to do more damage than the other weapon types.

Blades are unique for their builds.. as nearly anything can work for them. Though, others are better than others.

All Dex Build-
The Blade is probably the only class that you can get away with doing this. The damage of the blade is high enough to allow you to put a lot of dex into your char, making you do more damage than another class, yet block and hit even more.

All Str Build-
Simply deadly. A couple Multi-hit skills combined with Lightning Flash will take out nearly anyone around your level. The thing is, a lack of dex means if you're fighting more than 1 on 1, you will end up taking a lot of damage easily.
General Skills

Heavenly Serenity- A must have for players who like to grind. At the max level (12, mastery of 20), it takes 10 seconds to recharge ALL of your chi, regardless of what your max chi is.

Channel Revival- A skill to use on another player. This ONLY works on other players. It heals health at the cost of chi.

Channel (name please?)- A skill to use on another player. This ONLY works on other players. It heals chi at the cost of chi.

Walk in the Clouds- A must have skill for the players who travel a lot. /return can seriously do damage to your EXP bar when its at 80-99%, causing you to take longer to level. Walk in the Clouds speeds up travel time by a lot. At the higher levels, it requires LESS chi too use over longer distances.

Soaring Dragon- Mostly a convenience, or for those times you feel like messing around. This allows you to jump high into the sky. Upgrading the skill increases the DISTANCE you can jump, not the height. The range of this skill is based on a sphere round your char depending on the level of skill, so it only seems like you can jump to higher places when it is leveled up.

Thunderous Roar- Increases your damage for a SINGLE attack. If the attack misses, the skill goes away. The damage increased will allow you to do SEVERE damage. Combine this with a single-hit skill to maximize its damage.

Finger of Light- This skill stuns another player. The higher its level, the higher chance to stun the opponent. This is a skill that many players find necessary in RvR.

Finger of Darkness- This skill has a PASSIVE effect that allows you to prevent yourself from getting stunned. The active version can ONLY be used on another player that has been stunned.

Hard to Find People and Items

Treasure Chest- The dreaded level 16 quest requires a treasure chest. They are dropped by bandits. Simple enough, yet the game words it messed up...

Bounty Hunter Chadal/Judicial- These are the same person. The quest info says Judicial, as that was his name in CB, but now it is Chadal. He is located in the very center of the second map (Gocheon). Knowing thise, he isn't hard to find at all.

Chaser Songho- He is located in the caves south of Chadal. The entrance is on the middle island, the farthest southwest mountain on the inside. Songho is in the farthest area back. All mobs in this area are aggressive and attack you on site. Bring Walk in the Clouds and lots of pills. They monsters are too strong to fight in this area, so just run through. You can either go through and turn left every time, or turn right every time. All of them lead to the same area that Songho is in.

Chaser Lae- Lae is in the caves on the 3rd map. The caves are located just south of the 4th map entrance, on the east side. The easiest, and quickest way to Lae is to go right once inside, then keep heading through. Once you reach the big open area, go to the far right corner and follow that path (without turning) and Lae is at the end.

General Knowledge
Here are some general knowledge facts and tips that not everyone knows, but needs to know.

- Gained EXP is determined by the damage you do. If you attack a high level mob with weak attacks, you’ll get less XP than attacking a low level mob for high damage. Around level 47+, you have the strength and skills to deal considerable damage to high level mobs, so it’s easier to gain XP from red named monsters.
- Don't use your gifts right away! Wait untill you're a really high level to use them. The gifts will be much better then.
- Red Jades and Purple Jades are used to upgrade the level of rare and elite items. This can only be done when you have 100 or more contribution points.
- Tin, Dark Steel, Black Steel, and Steel of Eternity are all to enchant an item to make it stronger. The max enchant possible is 120%. This increases the damage of weapons, defense of armor, chance to hit for gloves, or chance to doge for boots up to OVER twice its original state. So if you have a sword with 100 damage, and 120% enchant, it will have 220 damage.
- Enchanting a weapon will always at all times have at least 1% chance of breaking. Once you enchant an item past 50-60% (someone confirm which it is please?), the risk of breaking the item increases. For every 100 luck, the chance to break the item decreases by 1%.
- Different items enchant for more% than others. Tin = 3% Dark Steel = 6% Black Steel = 9% and Steel of Eternity = 12%.
- Luck is mostly for enchanting/upgrading weapons, but it does effect drop rates. The effect it has is very, very small, though, to the point it is barely noticed. It does effect the quality of the item as well.
- Honor points decrease whenever you attack another player. Attacking and killing another player (hold ctr and click) is called PKing. Honor points are restored over time. PKing is usually senseless…. But it is perfectly acceptable when someone is annoying you, Kill Stealing, etc. Just hit them a few times… they’ll get the idea once the respawn back at the entrance.
- Damage changes depending on the weapon type you are using. A marble, sword, and blade all with 100 damage will still deal different damage. Up above under the class descriptions, you’ll see how strength affects each class differently.

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