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The Pagoda Guide

Learn Tactics to beat it today. | Submitted: 11 years ago (06.09.2009) | Thanks: 1

What you need to know:

-At least 10 stacks of Large HP Tablets
-Don't be stupid and spam the Faction Chat
-Listen to your Pagoda Leaders
-Go where they tell you and know where else, and if you are a noob dotn try to KS boss drops they all hit 18k+Elemental

Floor 1:
Goal: Kill all mobs and two bosses
When the floor starts, the bosses which spawn in the middle needs to be lured away first. In the meantime the others wait at the starting point, as far away from the square as possible. When the floor starts the mobs will run towards the group, so let them do the running towards you, instead of you towards them. Whoever lures the bosses away positions themselves on the other side to lure the bosses in the opposite direction. This reduces the risk that the bosses will be lured to the others.

Floor 2:
Goal: Goal: Kill four bosses

Note: This floor has poison on it and you will lose 1K HP per second as soon as it starts. So be careful and dont forget to tab. For all floors with poison goes that there is no poison in the middle.

Lure the bosses to the group
One tanker goes to the middle to get aggro from the four bosses and a mob. This person first lures them to the ramp wall and then to the other players. Note that whoever lures should be able to survive the blows from a full mob, because you will get hit and you need to stand still when you've reached the group.

Floor 3
Goal: Destroy the Grace Juggernuat[stone]

Note: Poison here as well
Lure the bosses to the corner
A tanker first lures the bosses away from the middle, preferrably someone who doesn't DC very fast. The tanker lures the bosses far away from the stone towards the opposite wall/corner. It is very critical that whoever lures does not go back to the stone right away.

Floor 5
Goal: Protect the leader.

The last player who hitted the stone on the 3rd floor before it got destroyed becomes the leader. All a leader should do is nothing but run around in circles. If the leader dies or DCs its the end of pagoda. So if you are the leader, dont DC.

Floor 6
Goal: Kill two bosses and mobs

So this is a pretty simple floor. All you have to do is kill two bosses that can be tank and kited easily no here's the twist no Items that can recover HP can be used and there is Poison except in the middle. How nice eh? So this is how you do it lower levels heal the tankers using the heal Skill not the '5/6' button method the one you learn at the err Trainers.

Floor 7
Goal: Kill 4 bosses and mobs

Poison on the entire floor, no more safety in the middle. How nice once again. There are four bosses that spawn in the 4 corners of the center square area. They look like the GSM in Beoho but difference is they hit 31k and they also got mobs that hit alot around them so let the tankers take it once again.

Floor 8
Goal: Collect the Tablets

This is by far the easiet floor in my opnion just follow everyone else to the square to AOE and kill mobs and you find all 5 Tablets in like a minute.

Floor 9 Info Screenshots and videos coming soon!

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