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General guide - Faction Basics

Explanation of faction advantages/disadvantages | Submitted: 11 years ago (07.02.2009)


Explanation of faction advantages/disadvantages


hey people this is a guide for people playing 12-sky for the first time.
First im going to tell you about each race/class/weapons and what they do

Guanyins-the most balanced class of them all
Fujins-the less powerful but fastest class
Jinjongs-the slowest yet powerfuliest class

Now to be more detailed
Marblers- they are the ranged form of the guans and have move+dodge buffs(spells that boost certian stats/skills) the weakest class but they are range giving them a advantage +str adds least amount of dmg to stats

Blade- they are the slowest of the guans but have the most punch they have a buff which inceases there attack by 20% and they are melee+str adds most dmg to your stats

Swordsman(i think)- is the faster of them and hits the average, they have a defense buff which incease your current defence by 50%(you have 200 def now you have 300) they are melee+str adds the average dmg to stats


Lutes-they are the ranged form of the fujins and have least amout of damage, they ahve a buff which inceases there move+dodge. +str adds least to dmg stat

Katana user-They are the slowest of the class and pack the most power, they have a buff which inceases dmg by 20%,melee+str adds most dmg to stats

Double blades-Fastest class and average dmg, they have a def. buff which inceases def. by 50% melee+str adds average dmg to stats.


Specter-the ranged class of the jins they have the buff which inceases move+dodge,+str adds least amout to dmg stats

Spearman- Slowest of the class and has the highest dmg, they have a buff which incease the dmg by 20%,melee+str adds most dmg to stats

Blade-fastest class of the jins and has a buff which inceases the def by 50%, melee+str adds less dmg to stats

WOOO fianlly done that part >.<

Now lets talk bout stats :

Dex-adds hit rate(chance to hit and NOT miss also helps with more def in a way)

Str- add dmg (THIS IS ONLY STAT INCEASE DMG not like maple story or other mmorpgs when u need dex to inceace dmg ONLY STR INCEASE DMG)

Vitality-inceases your health

Chi-incease your chi(or mp in some other games)

Each class will need a nice build you can reset your stats until your lvl 31 then u ned a blood clear which you can buy form players (15-20mill) or item mall(1299 i think)

Also each race builds are not the same some class needs more dex or more chi (when you make your character check the info for how muc each stat incease)

Now to give you on somethings you might wanna look forward to.

Amhang: is a rvrvr(race vs rave vs race) or pvp if you like which happens every 1 hr, you have a 10mins to get to the portal and get in and 3mins extra if you are not ready(in manpok falls) if your faction wins you get sup. tabs which gives you 2x exp(30-49 only) or you can sell 30-60k you get the tabs after your faction wins to open a area and you kill monsters that drop them (i say every 20-50 monsters drop so 5-16 tabs per run) for lvl 30-49

Samji-this is the money maker rvr which if you win you get to go to the area and the monsters drop tickets which you can open and get 100-500k(100000-500000) these are not lucky tickets. (this is in Nangun peak) you need yo u need to b lvl 50-69

Wargo- same thing the area thou only gives you gift box which gives yuo a unique item around your lvl (in gemsha dessert) you need to b lvl 70-89 i think

now i'll need help on next rvr cuz i keep getting messed on the heol and paldo >.<

for lvl 70+ you can go to pvp which you kill other factions and get exp+ cp

wat is cp(contribution points)? it is used for upgrading materials(rare only) to higher lvls(using a red jade) ex: you have a lvl 45 rare talk to the person who upgrades and use 100cp yo enter after the item becomes lvl 55(u need 12% to upgrade also)

common items-regular sucky items dont worry when you lvl 20+ you'll get lots of uniques form quest

Uniques- very shiny items and good amour till lvl 70+

Rares- super shiny items titles are yellow and has best stats only comes in lvls 45,55,65,75,85,95,105, master lvl 2, master lvl 4, master lvl 6, masterlvl 8 etc etc...,

Elite-the shiniest of all........well sadly not realeased but they should b soon ^^

Enchanting- you can enchant your items later (it can fial and you lose 3% if so or it might break) heres a calculator for ithttp://xenweb.net/12sky_upgrade.php

(ps i didn't make it)

and here the matirials and there % it boost i think


Dark steel-5%

Black steel-8%

Steel of Eternity-12%

Gold of Eternity-16%

well i think thats wat it is


SoE-steel of Eternity used for enchanting 2.5-3.2mill
DS(not a DS game)-Dark steel used for enchanting 1.2-1.8mill
GOE-highest enchanting material 4.5-6mill
BS(no not the bad word )-Black steel enchating material 1.8-2.4mill
R jade/RJ-red jade and upgrading metrial used to up lvls of and item 400-600k
P jade/PJ-purple jade used to make a RJ
BoCF-book of clear fog used to delete a skill, 2-3mill

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